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Smashing: Rewe Kaiser may mitzerlegen’s Tengelmann – THE WORLD

Begg Emperor's begins the great cherry-picking the best stores. In the course of Monday, the Tengelmann group, which owns the high-loss-making supermarket chain, potential buyers to submit Offers for the 105 remaining sites in North Rhine-requested-Westphalia. The Birkenhof meat works with three factories in Viersen (lower Rhine), Perwenitz (Brandenburg) and Donauwörth (Bayern) are now for sale.

The defeat could drag on for many months. The utilization of the branches in Berlin and Munich could begin, according to Tengelmann’s owner, Karl-Erivan Haub at the beginning of 2017. Overall, Haub is searching for a buyer for the remaining 450 stores. However, at least three dozen shops in NRW alone, there are considered to be difficult to sell. Tengelmann is in accordance with previous information thereof, that the half of the last still around 15,200 Jobs is on the Brink.

For the flourishing branches of the interested parties are in a queue. Among the possible buyers, the Cologne-based Rewe group, in addition to the Tengelmann allies Edeka. Both sides have been at loggerheads in the dispute over the originally planned complete takeover of Kaiser’s, Edeka thoroughly and far beyond the factual dispute is also personal animosity built up. During the official hearing on the Minister’s permission last November in Berlin, they threw themselves at each other “blackmail attempts” and the spread of “falsehoods”.

Preferred access rights for Edeka

Up to a Boycott of Rewe-quotes is not the Trouble. “Of course, we will cover letter in the context of the individual collecting the Rewe,” said a Tengelmann spokeswoman on request. Rewe insured again on Monday, to take a look at a single sale of the sites on a voluntary basis the requirements of the Ministerial approval. Jobs, payscale, payment, and participation of each by the Rewe Group acquired branch guarantees, stated in a communication of the Cologne-based trade group.

Haub acknowledged, however, Edeka, a preferred right of access. After two years of joint work on the complete takeover of these areas of “decency”, said Haub, the “Handelsblatt”. In addition to Rewe and Edeka, several other trading firms have applied for interested in stores. The chain of Norma and the trade of composite Significantly, which both had complained how Rewe against the Minister’s permission, want to take advantage of the opportunity. Significantly have a “high degree of interest in an Acquisition of branches by a trading partner,” confirmed a spokesman.

Kaiser’s Tengelmann will probably smash but

Recently, there had been still hope for the 15,000 employees of the supermarket chain Kaiser’s Tengelmann. However, the negotiations with Edeka to the preservation of the jobs are failed.

source: The world

The Swiss Migros group and its German subsidiary Tegut have concrete intentions for the Takeover of Parts of the Emperor’s. Migros had underlined to the “world” recently, the southern branches in the eye. As a new applicant, the Department store chain Karstadt and its parent Signa Retail in appearance, which belong to the group of companies of the Austrian investor René Benko, the Hear after. Haub confirmed that for individual sites, many interest had statements.

Threatening concentration in five districts in Berlin

Edeka and Tengelmann had applied for the full Adoption of the Emperor's in October of 2014, however, the Federal cartel office stopped the Plan. The two companies requested a Ministerial approval, the Federal Minister of Economics Sigmar Gabriel (SPD) issued in March, however, under high conditions. Against the special permit, Rewe, Norma and Distinctive complained – at first with success. In summary proceedings, the higher regional court of Dusseldorf stopped the Minister’s permission. The main procedure should have on Monday started busting is unnecessary.

it is Clear that Tengelmann may sell the stores individually, or in small packages with just a few locations. The results from the method, which the Federal cartel office had in the past year, in the examination of the takeover plan of Edeka applied. The competition guardians looked at each other in Berlin, Munich and Düsseldorf to the level of the city districts down meticulously, exactly where Edeka could get in and where not. They also took dozens of towns and cities of Bavaria and North Rhine-Westphalia under the magnifying glass.

For about 170 of the 450 super markets-the office signalled in 2015, the green light, including Cologne, Duisburg and Wuppertal. A threatening concentration due to business acquisitions of Edeka, the Cartel office professionals, determined, however, among other things, in the Berlin districts of Charlottenburg, Kreuzberg, Mitte, Pankow, Reinickendorf, with some 50 to 60 percent of the market share. In Bavaria, branch purchases were the largest German food retailers in Bad Reichenhall, Bad Tölz, Rosenheim, Tutzing and 18 of the 25 Munich city districts, no grace before the eyes of the Cartel.

Merkel calls for further negotiations to save the jobs

the now-planned individual recovery, the cartel office would according to the same criteria check as 2015. Also, Rewe, Edeka number two in the German food trade, must reckon with the no of the cartel office are many attractive Places. Little Overlap there should be, however, in the case of the smaller prospects. The examination is likely to be relatively fast to complete, because the experts of the German Federal cartel office can build on your own work.

The detailed analysis of the market in the nearly 350 pages thick ban in March of last year, constituted a good basis for the current allocation, said Daniel Zimmer, the former President of the monopoly Commission. The room had placed this post in the spring as a Protest against the Minister’s permission.

not Yet was on Monday completely clear whether the destruction of the Emperor’s is the last word. German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) demanded on Monday by its spokesperson further negotiations to save the jobs. The parties should leave no stone unturned to find an agreement, said government spokesman Steffen Seibert in Berlin. A spokesman for Gabriel pointed to Statements made by the SPD leaders last Friday, according to which the Parties should sit at one table.

The Union Ver.di had explained on Friday, there were contacts among the participating companies. Tengelmann-Chef Haub saw also a chance to a complete takeover. The window of opportunity closing until the first business was sold, he explained. The room holds a new start for a lost cause.


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