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After the Horror Explosion at the BASF site | How toxic the smoke cloud? IMAGE

Ludwigshafen The Horror Explosion from Ludwigshafen: BASF died on the premises of the company, two employees, two more are still missing.

Now a huge black cloud of smoke in the direction of Mannheim draws. Residents are encouraged to keep Windows and doors closed. Several people complain of respiratory problems!

HOW TOXIC is THE smoke cloud?

measurements in the air and on the ground, there were, according to the company, no increased values of hazardous substances.

But The situation is still very confusing and change from Minute to Minute, said the Medical Director of BASF, Stefan.

Minister of the environment Ulrike Höfken is a picture of the situation. “The primary objective of the protection of the workforce, the population and the environment,” said Höfken. To do this, you stand with BASF in close contact.


The fire Department issued a danger warning.

residents were urged to keep doors and Windows closed and ventilation and air conditioning systems shut off. Motorists should avoid the area on a large scale.

The coalition factions of the Rhineland-Palatinate state Parliament (SPD, FDP, Green party) are now planning a special session. The issue: How could the disaster and what are the consequences for people and the environment? If the special session takes place this week, is not clear.

in June was at BASF in Ludwigshafen, Germany, poison gas – at the time, internal documents suggested that the incident should be covered up.

fire extinguishing work continues

“The use will still take a very long time,” the spokesman for the fire Department in the afternoon.

► In the use of 100 man of the professional fire brigade and voluntary fire brigade Ludwigshafen, and 62 man of the professional fire brigade. Emergency chaplains, and other rescue workers are on site.

What happened?

The chemical group, announced that it had come while Working on a pipeline route to the Detonation. Uwe Liebelt, plant Manager in Ludwigshafen: “The exact cause is not yet known.”

► the pipeline to be transported to sites path, according to a BASF spokeswoman precursors of ships to the production. For safety, the two so-called steam cracker and other facilities at the site were reasons, after the Explosion, according to the company shutting down. The torches formed, because materials would have to be burned in pipes.

steam crackers are the heart of the plant

according to the company, one for the production. is The newer of the two from the year 1980 an area of approximately 64, 000 square meters and is as big as 13 football fields.
is There

The BASF plant in Ludwigshafen, the largest chemical site in the world.

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After the Explosion is not the home page of the city of Ludwigshafen, in the meantime accessible. There, the city had informed on Monday, the population on the latest developments in the large-scale deployment of fire and police.

Via Twitter, the city administration has published the number of a Info-phone: +49 621 57086000.

In the land of the port North will be handled according to the BASF flammable liquids and pressure-liquefied gases, the amount spent annually 2.6 million tons. The port was for the raw material supply of the company are of great importance.

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