Sunday, October 9, 2016

Rewe could get some of the branches of Kaiser’s Tengelmann

In the struggle for the ailing supermarket chain Kaiser’s Tengelmann are now the first Details leaked, seem like a solution. So could go to a report in the “Bild am Sonntag” some of the stores to Rewe. The newspaper wrote, citing negotiating circles.

Currently, several parties are negotiating on the future of the loss of the supermarket-rich chain. Actually, the industry wants to take over Primus, Edeka, whose spokesman would not comment on the report, the chain is complete.

the Legal dispute to the Minister for permission

Both of them had decided to have the Fusion about two years ago. However, the Federal cartel office used its right of Veto. Federal Economics Minister Sigmar Gabriel revoked the ban on the so-called Ministerial approval, but due to legal disputes on the ice. Because several competitors of Edeka had lodged an appeal against the permission complaint.

The parties want to be 17 now. October on a solution to communicate, like you said after a crisis summit last week. The target was the controversial Ministerial approval for the Acquisition of Tengelmann by Edeka. The competitors will have to take back their complaints. The question is, under what conditions they could do.

a Lot of money for competitors

According to information from the “Bild am Sonntag” to Rewe, Norma and Striking get a two-digit million amount of Tengelmann, the owner of the Yerevan Haub. Rewe and Norma are also part of the 400 branches that should actually go to Edeka.

Edeka would not comment on the report of the “Bild am Sonntag”. The Tengelmann group was not reached for comment. The Parties have agreed not to disclose.

Kaiser’s Tengelmann has been writing for years in the red. To are the possible solution in the takeover fight, many questions are still open. Should be divided the branches with the Minister’s permission at all?

exception clause allowed transfer of branches

The former President of the monopolies Commission, Daniel Zimmer, said the Minister’s permission in a number of conditions. Count that Edeka take over the branches as a Whole and for five years had to lead.

should, in Principle, be so given not a single branch. There is, however, an exception clause: In the exception to this was cases, with the consent of the parties to the collective agreement possible, said room.

There is also a second possibility, as the room of the “world” said. Compensation could also be effected by the fact that Edeka gives off its branches to the competitors. “In both cases, the Federal cartel office would have to check again,” he said.

The distribution in the market would be different than originally thought. The room had been placed because of the Minister, permission of Gabriel in the supermarket merger from his office, the monopoly Commission.


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