Sunday, October 9, 2016

IMF Vice-Lipton – IMF protests against German Greece-the Ultimatum Sü

David Lipton denies that the IMF wants to support the credit program. And also has a proposal to the Council of Europe, as the Germans could your money be better spend.

The Vice-chief of the International monetary Fund (IMF), David Lipton, has rejected the claim by German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble (CDU), the IMF will predict the end of the year its financial participation in the third aid programme for Greece. Lipton, the told süddeutsche Zeitung there was as yet no agreement.

rejects it Instead, asking the IMF is more Debt relief for Athens, Germany. Also let the Federal government has no set deadlines. So Schäuble threatens, of all things, in the election year of adversity in their own ranks, because, he says, the CDU/CSU group in the Bundestag of the participation of the funds in the aid package.

Crushing compliments

Schäuble, like Lagarde, Lagarde, like Schäuble – and yet In almost all the important issues, Germany and the IMF on the cross. By Cerstin Gammelin and Claus Hulverscheidt more …

Germany. to invest in home

Lipton requested Germany, in addition to put more money into the domestic infrastructure, and thus the high current account surplus to reduce With a correction of the existing imbalance in the Federal Republic of Germany would not be only the world, but especially themselves, he said. “The Germans are mounting from year to year, foreign assets in the amount of eight percent of their economic output,” he said. Over time, as amounts due from foreign countries of around 1.5 trillion euros had come together.

was The question: “do you Want to as a Nation?”

From the point of view of the monetary Fund, the German is not only the risk that a foreign debtor is unable to pay back the demands of the day. Rather, a variety of assets, government bonds, about would, even now, hardly any return on your investment.

Instead of their Savings in such a high volume of poorly-interest values, it is better to invest the money at home, said the IMF’s Deputy. “I think there will be a variety of requirements in the domestic, for the money could use: I think on the infrastructure, schools and kindergartens, and other things,” he said.

schäuble’s Argument, the Federal budget had no financial room for additional state investments, dismissed Lipton. The IMF was very much in favour of a sound financial policy, and everyone in the world the as a rule admire the work that had given the Germans to budgetary control. “If you can borrow money at an interest rate of zero and, therefore, infrastructure projects are financed, the return of which the public benefited, from a financial point of view, a solid case,” he said.

IMF Deputy calls for Germany to reduce the current-account surplus

David Lipton has concrete suggestions on what could make the Germans instead with your money. By Cerstin Gammelin and Claus Hulverscheidt more…


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