Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Google introduces new Gadgets – and a wizard – MIRROR ONLINE

Google on Tuesday evening in San Francisco its latest Gadgets introduced, it was Rick Osterloh, the head of Google’s hardware development, summed up with a statement with the most Important: In the case of Google, you think the next Revolution will take place at the interface of Hardware and Software, Artificial intelligence, short AI.

And this Artificial intelligence, it was then, in the evening, again and again, again and again, at key points, the technical capabilities of the Hardware was called, by far, surpassed. Because as Google Assistant, she showed up again and again. You should help to perform daily tasks: Web search, knowledge, answer questions, music, and play Videos, photos and much more.

And because he is modern, works the Google Assistant, of course, via voice control and reacts as well with spoken feedback. This reminds, of course, to Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana. Google boss Sundar Pichai stressed in his speech the arch, however, far beyond the presented technique. He announced for the future of digital assistants, the different personalities and thus different voices.

But is expected to take until then. Anyway, not everyone can immediately use the new Google Assistant. Rather, you need one of the devices, which were presented in San Francisco. And especially since the new Smartphones, the pixels are series.

Pixel and Pixel XL

With pixels and pixels XL, ends the Era of the Nexus phones. By the reclassification, in pixels, of the company to compensate for the new devices to the naming of its other Hardware products. Previously, it was in the Pixel-number only Tablets and laptops, and now smart phones..

Visually, the two pixels remember-mobile phones to the latest iPhones, just as Apple Smartphones, the edges rounded, in the metal frame very similar to the cut-outs for the antennas. A in the middle of the top of the rear mounted fingerprint scanner reminded again of Huawei Smartphones.

The technical data of the two devices to place in the upper class: The screens are 5 inches (pixels) and 5.5 inch (Pixel XL), display 1920 x 1080 or 2560 x 1440 pixels. A fast Quad-core processor, four gigabytes of memory available, the memory is either 32 or 128 gigabytes in size.

The best picture quality ever in a Smartphone, showed off Google and substantiated have 12-Megapixel camera, the pixels have a photo-Benchmark, in which the camera reaches the highest previously measured value. In addition, you should trigger extremely fast, and a particularly good image stabilization provide, by means of HDR+ particularly good image quality. Images and Videos can be used to store Pixel User unlimited in the Google Cloud.

In the colors shown Google to be conservative and hip at the same time. In addition to the usual color of silver and Black tones, it will give the Pixel in the current trend color dark blue. The prices are based on how the technology in the upper area, ranging from 759 to 1009 Euro. Pre-orders receive Google now.

Daydream View

On the developer conference Google i/o announced by Google in may, a new Ecosystem for Virtual Reality (VR) on the Smartphone, Daydream VR. In San Francisco, the group revealed the first VR glasses, which is to be the new Standard, the Daydream View.

Google’s VR glasses to be lighter than comparable devices, making photos a more cuddly, soft impression. The connection to the phone that you plugged in to the glasses, wireless. With the Daydream View, a Controller is supplied, which looks like a small remote control. His Sensors pick up on movement, make it possible to control games or to navigate around in Google Street View, and VR Video.

Noteworthy is the price, to offer the Google VR Headset: 69 Euro. A clear sign of how important the group, the topic of Virtual Reality. On the cheap price, the company wants to animate quite obvious as many people as possible to deal with VR. Because, as for any other technique, is valid for VR, you have to try it to understand it.

Google Home

As a complement to the mobile products, the group Google Home showed, a wireless-networked speakers, which is also connected via the Internet to Google KI. The principle is reminiscent of the Amazon Echo, which is sold in the USA for almost two years, and now also to Germany. Just like in the case of the Pixel-cell phones, you can also talk about the Home in colloquial language with the Google Assistant.

it was Shown how the Google Home answered different questions, in a Restaurant a table reserved, routes are computed and the user with his tasks for the day in a kind of Briefing said. Also Translations can take care of the device and a couple of fun things in Google Home to discover also. So you can ask the device to throw a virtual coin, a decision to cause.

What could give Google an edge over Amazon, is the price: The Amazon Echo will cost 180 euros, a Google Home one will get for 129 dollars. However, only in the United States. A launch date for Germany, there was no information. So this could take. As I said, Amazon’s Echo two years after the U.S. launch comes only in Germany on the market.


the Same fate is also the new Wi-Fi Router Google Wifi, it will not be initially available in Germany. It seeks to simplify the wireless networking of apartments and houses, will not solve the Problem that a wireless Router is not sufficient for large buildings, but it is difficult, several devices connect to increase the range.

The new Google Router, to connect to each other automatically, so that you have the to buy additional devices in the farthest corners of his house at full power. Therefore, there is to buy them in three packs. And a killer feature you have, too: can be clipped to his children at the dinner via an App, the Wi-Fi.

Chromecast Ultra

want to at Least bring another device, Google in Germany, the Streaming-TV-Adapter Chromecast Ultra. The new model dominated UHD TV, HDR and Dolby Vision, has in addition to Wi-Fi, a LAN Port, and will cost 69 euros. This is a good deal, not doing it to get over a lot easier, that of all the Highlights of the Evening was, the Google Home and Google Wifi will initially be not to get in Germany.


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