Friday, October 14, 2016

EEG renewables surcharge rises to record high of 6.88 cents Sü


  • The EEG levy increases for the year 2017 6,88 cents. It is the highest value since its introduction in the year 2000.
  • For an average electricity customers incur more cost just 20 Euro. In total, the levy will cost such a consumer is about 240 Euro a year.
  • The levy also increases, because the exchange price for electricity is low. Between the market price and the warranty-in tariffs for Renewable is a huge gap.

The energy transition for current customers is even more expensive. As the network operator, announced on Friday, increases the green electricity levy next year from 6.35 to 6,88 cents per kilowatt-hour. It accounts for almost a quarter of the average electricity price (PDF). It is the highest value since its introduction 16 years ago. For an average household with a consumption of 3500 kilowatt-hours costs about 19 Euro in the year caused by the increase. Overall, such a household will have to pay around 240 Euro per year for the levy.

The green electricity levy – also known as EEG levy is passed from the power utilities and on the electricity bill added. It was introduced in order to accelerate the Development of Wind and solar energy. The Renewable energy law guarantees operators of the plants for a fixed remuneration for every kilowatt-hour produced. The costs with the consumers pay on their electricity bill. Many companies with a high demand for energy is benefits. Currently, 2137 holdings of the so-called “specific compensation scheme”.

The Eco-tax has become, with one exception in 2015 – every year, more and more expensive. She is now on the rise again, at first glance paradoxical – on the electricity exchange, electricity is traded for some years now, very cheap. But that just makes the EEG levy to climb. The reason for this is The promised compensation for the operators of wind turbines, Solar and biogas plants are usually significantly higher than the value of the current on the stock exchange. The greater the difference between the market price and the guaranteed compensation is, the more the consumer will end up paying for the levy.

power is on the stock market for a long time, is very convenient, because there is often a Glut on the market. The newly built wind turbines and solar plants to compete with old coal-fired power plants. The are bad for the climate, produce particularly cheap electricity. Even the dirty brown coal power stations are often on the network. Environmentalists are calling for the decommissioning of such plants, in order for the prices to recover and emissions are reduced.

The rapid Expansion of Renewables is regarded as a success for the energy transition project. However, the Federal government is now on the brake in order to reduce the cost of the equipment. After a Reform of the EEG, new wind parks to be funded from the next year only by the levy, if the operators have been successful in a tender. The contract will be awarded, who is for the least funding to build ready. To bring more competition in the market, and prevent the levy increases.

However, as the levy will continue to develop, it can control the government only to a limited extent. Because of the stock market should fall in price even further, there is an even larger gap. The old Commitments for wind turbines and solar power plants to remain, despite the Reform of the EEG. The law has guaranteed to the operators finally – for a period of 20 years.

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