Friday, September 2, 2016

exploding battery: Samsung Galaxy Note gets 7 back: You must now … – ABC Online

Friday, 02.09.2016, 13:30
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In the first test reports obtained the new Giant smartphone from Samsung, the Galaxy Note 7, still top marks. But it also appeared shortly after the delivery of the first units in South Korea and China on massive problems on.

Why does Samsung back the Galaxy Note 7?

On some devices consisted fire when charging the battery. According to Samsung, there were 35 incidents in which the Galaxy Note 7 had extremely heated. That is less than one thousandth of the previously delivered equipment.

What is known about the causes of the fire hazard?

According to Samsung a faulty battery caused the problems. The South Koreans refer the batteries from different manufacturers. Therefore, all devices are not affected.

Why does Samsung to such a massive product recall?

The Group stressed the safety of its customers have the highest priority. Therefore one wants to replace the Galaxy Note. 7 The indication of faulty batteries but does not explain why the entire device must be replaced. Experts speculate whether the local repair shops do not have sufficient capacity to carry out the battery replacement. In addition, the battery replacement is in the waterproof case not entirely trivial process.

Can there be other causes for the fire hazard?

Yes, a faulty charging electronics could cause extreme overheating. However, there is no concrete evidence for other causes of error.

What is the recall of customers in Germany?

In this country, should not many users a Samsung keep Galaxy Note 7 in his hands. Samsung had initially serve customers in South Korea and China. Around 400,000 units were reportedly delivered there. In Germany, the mobile service provider and dealers wanted to start this Friday with the sale of “phablets”. Preorder possibly may have been supplied as early as Thursday.

Who can I contact the affected customers?

From Samsung has not identified any specific site for the settlement of the exchange. Owner of a Galaxy Note 7 should therefore contact the dealer from which they have received from the device.

How long does it take to get a replacement device?

The British “Guardian” reported, citing Samsung Mobile CEO Koh Dong-jin that up to will take two weeks to spare equipment ready . Until then, all deliveries are made as it were quarantined.

How seriously damage a spectacular recall the Business of Samsung?

The investors of Samsung took the action out halfway left. The Samsung shares had previously already reacted with a slight decline in the first rumors about the battery problems.

<- finance-chart.tag: { "M_LINK": "", "PERF_PCT ":" - 0.80% "," PRICE "," 634.90 "," NAME "," Samsung Electronics (GDRs) "," PERF_PCT_RAW ": -0.7969," CHART_URL_3M ":" http: // c.","CHART_URL_1D":"http: //","WWW_LINK " "", "CURRENCY": "EUR", "PERF_ABS_RAW": -5.1, "PRICE_RAW": 634.9, "PERF_ABS" ! "- 5.10"} ->

Samsung Electronics (GDRs)
634.90 EUR – 5.10 (- 0.80%)

that one in the prestigious competition with Apple a few days before the expected announcement of a new iPhone model must produce such negative headlines, the Samsung manager but probably already annoyed powerful. In the long term, however, recall campaigns

often contribute to the strengthening of a brand in because consumers recognize that companies take responsibility for their products in the video. The Galaxy Note 7 in the test

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