Thursday, September 29, 2016

Osram – Chinese investors seem to want to buy Osram Sü


  • investors from China seem to be interested in Osram.
  • OSRAM’s lamp division heard since the end of July a Chinese consortium.
  • The former consolidated parent Siemens in a Takeover of a supporting role.
Christoph Giesen, Beijing

China attacks according to a further heart of the German industry: multiple companies from the people’s Republic are interested in a purchase of the Munich-based lighting group, Osram, such as the Handelsblatt first reported.

the potential investors to include, among other things, the company Go Scale Capital, a company that wanted to buy the LED division of Philips for $ 3.3 billion. The Deal failed, however, to the Veto of the American authorities, as Philips manufactures at its plant in San Jose, California with military-purpose LEDs.

The German high-tech SMEs and the Chinese

With Aixtron want to once again take on the Chinese, a German high-tech company. And this Time the story’s coincidences, full of strange. By Christoph Giesen more …

patents for investors

is considered to be another candidate for SZ-information from the semiconductor manufacturer San’an Optoelectronics of South China million city of Xiamen. The company has gained in the past year reputation, as a it company, Aixtron is cancelled at a stroke, 47 of the 50 machines ordered in the case of the Tec-Dax. The rate plummeted to 43 percent. In the meantime, a Takeover bid from China for the semiconductor suppliers as well.

It’s only been a few months, as sold by Osram itself to Chinese investors. For about 400 million euros, the business with conventional light bulbs went at the time, to a Chinese consortium. Osram therefore separated not only from its largest division, but also from the business with the end customers. About 1000 patents filed by Osram. The majority of the inventions, about 18 000, remained, however, in the company. Just make it interesting for investors.

A key role is likely to fall in the coming weeks, the former parent company Siemens. The Munich-based company still holds a 17.5 percent share in Osram, however, the ratio of Osram CEO Olaf Berlien and Siemens Chairman Joe Kaeser is considered to be broken.

the highlight of the strife: In February of this year, the Siemens representative refused on the Osram annual General meeting Berlien discharge. Siemens was subject to. In Berlin, it is said, have you tried recently to convince Siemens chief Kaeser, its share of Osram to increase. A white knight against his will? Siemens did not want to comment.

China wants to dominate industries

it is Undisputed, however, that Since the Adoption of the Augsburg-based robot manufacturer Kuka, the Chinese budget manufacturer Midea device a few weeks ago, is aware of the Federal policy. The Problem with quotes from China: It is often difficult to accurately determine whether the state is in the Background direction. Against state-orchestrated Takeovers are not yet available. The foreign trade law is considered to be very permeable.

That Osram could now be a takeover target for Chinese buyers, surprising on closer inspection. The Chinese leadership has presented in the past year, your so-called “Made in China 2025″strategy. This Plan stipulates that the people’s Republic is to take in a number of industries, the industrial leadership.

Without acquisitions, as experts agree, the ambitious targets from Beijing but not to implement. Osram fits with its products and patents, which are mainly used in the automotive industry, well with the Chinese prey scheme, in addition, the Chinese government supports the semiconductor industry with billion.

Ex oriente lux

The traditional company sold its Lighting business to a consortium of three Chinese investors. By Christoph Giesen more…


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