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Space – Elon Musk is looking for a Million Mars colonists – Sü


  • Tesla founder Elon Musk has defined its plans for the colonization of Mars.
  • His company SpaceX wool to reduce the cost of the trip to the planet significantly.
  • from 2025 to travel the first passengers of the full-bodied promise to the planet.

Elon Musk, the founder of E-car manufacturer, Tesla, is a man of big words. And a man must go all very quickly. The production of E-cars is not enough for him. With his company SpaceX, he is pursuing an much larger goal: the colonization of Mars. In the case of an international astronaut Congress in Guadalajara, Mexico Musk concretized his plans.

“humanity should be a multi-planetary species,” he said. How does it work? First of all, the cost for a trip to Mars would have to be reduced, which would currently lie at around ten billion US dollars per passenger, said Musk. To do this, SpaceX wants to build a very large space ships which can carry 100 people, and large quantities of Material. In addition, the space ships are supposed to be reusable and in Orbit, loaded and refuelled.

as early as 2025, will travel according to the will of Musk, the first humans to the Red planet, previously, SpaceX will send an unmanned space ship to Mars. For comparison: Nasa wants to, at the earliest, start in the 2030er years of a manned Mission to Mars.

anyone Who thinks Tesla is only yourself to blame

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The high cost per passenger for the billionaire Musk seems to be the smallest Problem of his ambitious plans: He thinks it possible to push the cost to around 140 000 $ per Person. If sufficiently many people want to book an appropriate Ticket, and on the neighboring planet of earth to emigrate. The Mars offer to colonisation, because there was sunlight and a atmosphere. The length of a day is comparable to that of the earth, and it is possible to grow plants.

Around a Million people could live in for the foreseeable future on Mars. “This will be a great adventure,” said Musk. “Life is more than to solve every day problems. You should Wake up every day and be inspired to try something New.”

For the trip to Mars, SpaceX developed the jet engine for the Raptor. A few days ago, it was taken for the first time in operation. It’s supposed to bring three mega-Newtons of thrust – more than three times as much as the engine of the current SpaceX-rocket Falcon 9. Raptor is operated with liquid methane, which could also be on Mars won.

Yet for all the euphoria, the sprayed Musk, is one not to be overlooked: The missile program is still far from reaching Mars, and has now a number of glitches. At the beginning of September, a rocket the company was exploded during launch on the US space station Cape Canaveral in Florida and had destroyed a Facebook-satellites on Board. Last year, SpaceX lost a rocket, the supplies to the International space station (ISS). And also in the case of the E-cars were the last serious problems. At the beginning of July, an American crashed his supposedly self-driving Tesla car deadly.

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