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“The global competitiveness index in 2016″: the world economic forum declared: The inhibits … – FOCUS Online

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Switzerland is, according to the world economic forum (WEF) for the eighth Time in a row, the country with the greatest competitiveness in the world. Germany slipped in spite of a slightly improved result in the “Global competitiveness index in 2016″ to the next rank on the 5. Space and was overtaken by the Netherlands.

Germany, particularly in some of the more complex areas of the economy, the course in the categories of Innovation and technological development. In the areas of infrastructure and institutional strength of the country lost ground. Also in terms of “Ethical business behaviour”, it went downhill. However, the method allow a reliable statement about whether this development is in connection with the exhaust gas scandal at Volkswagen. As the largest barriers for Germany, the WEF made in the investigation, rather, tax regulations and tax rates.

An important challenge for the future, the WEF sees the Integration of a large number of refugees. The experts praised: “the First steps have been taken, the entry barriers for asylum seekers to reduce in the labour market.”

WEF experts, the Anti-crisis course of the ECB is critical

Behind Switzerland consequences of the Southeast Asian city-state of Singapore, and the USA in the top places in the competition rankings. Ever dominate European economies, the Top 10 – Sweden is on rank 6, great Britain is 7. – the result is based on data prior to the Brexit Referendum of the British people to the withdrawal from the EU, and Finland is on the 10. Place. However, the North-South divide within Europe remains high: Spain, Italy, Portugal and Greece are lagging far.

The Anti-crisis exchange rate of the European Central Bank (ECB), the WEF experts, however, is critical. The flood of money will not suffice “to long-term growth in the industrial countries to boost again”. The basic prerequisite for the success of the programme was, rather, that there is already a strong competition ability.

Oil exporters need to economy

to set up Due to the sharp fall in energy prices also in oil-producing countries in the Arab world are under pressure, as the WEF reported. The exporters would have to set up your business wider and to reduce the dependence on Oil prices. Progress, the experts attest to the important emerging markets. Especially India have made a great leap. Had slipped, however, Brazil.

The annual Ranking is done after twelve uniform criteria for competitiveness, established in 2004 by the WEF including the innovation ability of the enterprises, governmental and economic framework conditions and the condition of the financial markets, infrastructure and education. The data required to be worn by more than 100 economic research institutes and statistical agencies of a total of 140 countries included.


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