Thursday, September 22, 2016

McLaren denies sale talks with Apple – FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

entry in the auto industry: Apple toying allegedly with the British sports car manufacturer McLaren

The American electronics group Apple wants to bring its secret umwittertes car project possibly with the help of a spectacular acquisition. According to a report in the Financial Times, Apple is to buy the British sports manufacturer McLaren Technology Group, car, interested. Apple have raised the McLaren on a possible transaction and could imagine both a full Takeover, as well as a “strategic investment”. On Wednesday evening, the car maker denied, however: “McLaren not to have a conversations with reference to any possible investment with Apple,” said a company spokesman. However, the spokesman added, the car maker having regular conversations with different pages, but would be treated confidentially. Apple was first to get an opinion on./p>

Roland Lindner author: Roland Lindner, an economic correspondent in New York.

McLaren is, above all, as a formula 1 team-known, but also produces sports cars for the road, the several hundred costs a thousand euros. The valuation of the company in a sale could be according to the report, up to 1.8 billion euros. It would be the largest Acquisition for Apple since the 3-billion-Dollar acquisition of headphone manufacturer Beats two years ago.

McLaren would be for Apple a surprising purchase, because the British move with their luxury sports cars in a very small niche. According to the report, Apple is interested in the technology, engineering expertise, and the patent portfolio of McLaren. It is in the industry for some time as a open secret that Apple wants to venture in the car business, even if the group has confirmed the never. Supposedly, Apple is working under the code name “Project Titan,” an electric car that can drive themselves. In what stage the company is in the process of, however, is unclear.

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In the summer, the American Online publication “The Information” reported that, Apple comes with the project as quickly as hoped. It was also known that Apple has changed the management of the project and his long-time Manager Bob Mansfield, with the responsibility entrusted. There were reports that the focus of the work under Mansfield has changed and Apple is no longer aimed in the first place, to build a car of their own, but the underlying systems will develop. Apple’s business has slowed down this year, and the sales figures for the iPhone for the first time like. This increases the pressure to open up new fields of business.


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