Monday, September 26, 2016

Air Berlin is the match ball for the competition – MIRROR ONLINE

The latest Symptom for the descent of Air Berlin Chart hspace= show” comes with the beverage cart: For well over a week Economy passengers on European flights will also have to pay for Cola or tomato juice. Germany’s second biggest airline, may need every Euro.

In the crisis, Air Berlin has been stuck for years. Now, however, signs that the days are counted as a separate flight line are piling up. Longer is speculated that the Lufthansa Chart show wants to apply for a fee all Air Berlin routes beyond the hubs in Düsseldorf and Berlin. Would be affected up to 40 machines, which account for around a third of the previous traffic. According to SPIEGEL information to be discussed on the project at the Lufthansa Supervisory Board meeting on Wednesday in detail./p>

a major shareholder Etihad seems to want to move more machines into a new holiday airline, in conjunction with the Hanover’s TUI airline TUIfly operated. Reports of the “Süddeutscher Zeitung” and Reuters news Agency was denied by the company. Both shops come about to lose Air Berlin for around half of its fleet.

“This is the beginning of the end,” says Michael Santo, aviation expert of the management consultancy h&z. “If one can reduce a company just to the half, then it is obviously not needed.”

Air Berlin has reduced its capacity in the second quarter by 3.7 percent. The total turnover dropped compared to the previous year by 8.4 percent, while the net loss widened to well 271 million euros. A Plus was able to report to solve the airline only in the case of so-called add-on: they originate from extra services, such as wider Seats, which had made the Airline even before the drinks subject to a charge.

game ball of the competition

That Air Berlin exists under these circumstances at all, owes the airline the competition. The Gulf airline Etihad is supporting the Berlin for years as a major shareholder with an injection of cash. The company’s CEO James Hogan it is a matter of takeoff and landing rights of Air Berlin, which Etihad can use on a jointly offered flights.

These rights are also for the Lufthansa of great importance: Would Air Berlin disappear completely from the market, could show low-cost competitors such as Easyjet Chart and Ryanair Chart show in the resulting gap. The British Easyjet has been worried in view of the forthcoming Brexit anyway, their access to the EU market, and is considering, therefore, according to the manager magazine, a stake in TUIfly.

But if the Lufthansa Supervisory Board discussed on Wednesday about the cooperation with Air Berlin, is likely to be lively: CEO Carsten Spohr and his colleagues, as well as chief inspector Wolfgang Mayrhuber of the opinion that the control panel doesn’t have to approve the Deal with a separate decision. Some representatives of the workers see it differently. Given the large number of pilots, in your view, is attached to a formal vote.

Still clearly half-baked ideas on the cooperation with TUIfly. In the new holiday airline 17 Jets to the Austrian Air Berlin are to be merged subsidiary Flyniki, with well over a dozen aircraft that TUIfly since 2009, on behalf of Air Berlin operates.

gag the Treaty of TUI

TUI had passed the part of fleet seven years ago, together with the associated Crews to Air Berlin, after the tourism group, was failed with the entry into the cities in the travel business. But to not be grateful that the airline took the required Jets, pressed TUI the Partner of an adhesion contract, under which Air Berlin still suffers.

The comprehensive clause can be at the earliest terminated in 2019. Until then, year after year, more than 100 million euros from Berlin to Hannover, including a pre-determined Profit mark-up from four per cent to the TUI charged to operating costs. For ongoing costs, such as kerosene or fees, Air Berlin comes up anyway. No wonder, that the airline would make a change to the agreement. To do this, but she needs the consent of the TUI.

In the unclear business model of Air Berlin, the tourism business actually belonged to the success of fields richer. However, terrorist attacks and political unrest have hit the industry hard. “Holiday destinations such as Egypt or Turkey are not for German Airlines virtually non-existent,” says Santo. “And in Spain or Italy, there is no hotel room anymore, for they could carry additional passengers.”

is one of the few remaining hopes of values of the capital airport, to, of all things. If the BER is finally opened, it should be the Central hub of Air Berlin. To date, the airline has to wait for that but until at least 2017.


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