Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Wrong position at the Bank?: “This is not an issue for us”: Deutsche Bank … – FOCUS Online

Wednesday, 28.09.2016, 04:19
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the Chairman of The Board of the Deutsche Bank sees no need for government support for his Institute. “This is not an issue for us,” said John Cryan, the Wednesday edition of the “Bild”newspaper.

He dismissed reports and speculation about alleged talks with German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) on state aid. “I have asked the Chancellor at any time to help. I have indicated nothing of the sort.”

His shareholders don’t want to ask Cryan also help. “The question of a capital increase not currently.” The Bank met all regulatory capital requirements. You have “far fewer risks in the books than in the past” and be “comfortable with free liquidity”.

the Planned sale of Postbank

The situation was better, as you will currently be perceived from the outside. “A lot of anxiety” but that the claim of the U.S. Department of justice of $ 14 billion be made known, said Cryan. “It was clear from the beginning that we will not pay this sum.” He said, “that the Ministry of justice treated just as fair as the American banks, which have already compared”.

The planned conversion of the Institute, the Manager is on a good way. The targeted removal of a total of 9000 Points, the Bank was not in the Plan. “The negotiations with the works councils are largely completed.” The CEO stressed that he will hold on to the planned sale of Postbank: “Everything is prepared, we could give the Postbank in the morning in new hands – but then the price must be right. We have time.”

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