Thursday, September 8, 2016

Aldi steals the gods – FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

In the shrill Kinospot the gods celebrate a wild party on Mount Olympus. To attempt to reorder, Zeus takes a quick detour to the earth and invites the shopping cart full – in a branch of Aldi. In Germany’s biggest discounter gone are the days in which the products were mainly advertised on handouts. Next week, Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd jointly launch a major advertising campaign on television, radio, cinema, on 50,000 billboards, in newspapers and the Internet – and do it so that the competition from Edeka, Rewe and Lidl equal that have long been on many channels advertises.

Christine  Scharrenbroch author: Christine Scharrenbroch, Freelance writer in the business section.

For the secretive Aldi companies connected family, but are legally separated, the marketing campaign is a remarkable step. The initiative was started from the south, reported Aldi Süd Managing Director Jeannette Thull Thursday at a joint press conference in Essen. More than a year has been working on the campaign, are mentioned as the objective to update the brand and a closer customer relationship.

Discounters Continue long ago to modern shops

Responsible for campaign draw the two advertising agencies Ogilvy & amp; Mather and Oliver Voss. Accept the young audience targeted. Not only with the freaky gods Party, but also with a rap of the Berlin artist Fargo, which is run on a group’s own streaming platform. On families turn this TV spot directed: Rampaging children exhort their parents, not to go into a supermarket with too much choice, because the only waste time any cost – so the Aldi logic

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Under the motto “Simple is more” is the German discount pioneer effort seen to raise its profile as a discounter. For years blurred in the highly competitive food trade borders between discounters and supermarkets. So the discounter already put on more modern shops and take brand products into their range, while in turn offering cheap supermarkets own brands. But not only to the full-line supermarkets (average 12,000 articles) seems Aldi endeavor to differentiate themselves clearly also against the main rival Lidl. With 1600 items belonging to the Schwarz group discounter offers a larger range than the Aldi Group (1200 products).

Sharp competition and high pricing pressure

That Aldi comes to advertising now with its competitors on draws, the fact is also due to that the discounter encounter after years walkover limits. Although they were able to increase their sales in the first half, according to GfK by 1.8 percent, but grew at a slower rate than the overall market (plus 2.9 percent) and especially the classical supermarkets (plus 5.1 percent). As a result, the market share of discounters of 42.8 fell to 42.3 percent, while the full-range could expand its position. Nevertheless stressed manager Thull, both Aldi stores were satisfied with their performance in the past year. The kolportierten in studies numbers did not necessarily agree with their own findings, they had announced criticism. According to the company, sat Aldi Nord (2340 stores) last year to € 12.3 billion, 1.7 percent more than last year. Aldi Süd (1860 stores), sales rose by 1.6 percent to 15.7 billion euros.

In a highly competitive market situation and the major price pressure on the market Aldi as well as the competitor has already responded. “We have achieved a lot in recent years,” said Aldi Nord CEO Kay Rüschoff. In addition to the modernization of the stores he referred inter alia to a larger range of organic products and vegetarian products and the recent publication of the first sustainability report.

Furthermore, different logos

work, especially in Shopping the two Aldi companies intensively. So jobs are advertised together, the suppliers and the range overlap to a large extent. Also offers like Aldi Talk, the photo service and the flowers can be operated together. When it comes to social media but the consensus ends: While Aldi Süd Campaign via Facebook & amp; Toys Co., Aldi Nord does not use these channels continue. Until now, see no need for it, but watch the market, Rüschoff said.

The playing on Olympus cinema spot had to be rotated in two versions, incidentally. In a variant of Zeus returns with a bag of Aldi Nord from Earth, in the other he holds a carrier bag of Aldi Süd in hand. Despite the common advertising the two companies hold on to their various logos still fixed.


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