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Air Berlin cut in half, the fleet – 1200 Jobs fall away – Berlin morning post

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Air Berlin halved the fleet – 1200 Jobs way

The ailing airline a drastic austerity program prescribed. 1200 Jobs will fall away, the fleet will be halved.

Jürgen Stüber

An Air Berlin flight in Tegel


An Air Berlin flight in Tegel

The red bird is plucked. He has more feathers, than in industry circles believed. The airline Air Berlin announced on Wednesday evening against 20 clock a massive restructuring. The fleet will be halved to 75 machines, the tourist medium-range outsourced flights in a daughter, and 40 machines will be leased to Lufthansa. Also the announcement that 1200 Workers will lose their jobs, surpassing the fears from the day before, as the number of 1000 redundancies in the space.

Air Berlin – What passengers now

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company boss Stefan Pichler is in front of a pile of broken glass. He was taken to rehabilitate a company, which he had taken in a desolate state by his predecessors, Hartmut Mehdorn, and Wolfgang Prock-Schauer. Pichler was started with the announcement, write in the year 2016 in the black. However, from year to year, the debt mountain increased. The company had generated in 2012, a tiny increase of less than ten million euros. From there it went downhill: 315 million, 376 million and, most recently, of 446 million euros, amounted to the annual deficits. At the same time, the number of passengers decreased from 35 to 30 million, while the number of aircraft increased and so the utilization decreased.

Air Berlin accumulated debt, on which the company is now sitting on – and, apparently, to sit. Without the cash injections of major shareholder Etihad from the Persian Gulf would no longer be with the company for a long time. However, these contributions from Abu Dhabi were not charitable Gestures. On the contrary, Through the dense route network of the Berlin and the controversial Codeshare flights on both airlines: Air Berlin managed to make many millions of passengers to Etihad hub in Abu Dhabi.

speculation about talks with Easyjet

The entire operational area on the test bench now. You don’t want to throw in the panic the baby out with the bathwater. Probably that is why the speech is to be from the plans, parts of the company with the TUI-Charter flight subsidiary TUIfly. Instead, the travel and tourism business are to be combined in an Autonomous, on tourism focused business area. It almost seems that Air Berlin would not let the old nor rise, which had bought the company once a Deal is considered to be the root of the current financial disaster. Perhaps, however, stands behind this Plan, to later find a buyer for this division, pays a good price. In March, speculation about talks between Air Berlin and the cheap airlines were Easyjet to become loud – of course, they have not been confirmed.

Air Berlin suffers from a capacity and surplus: The reduction of the operating business, due to representation of the company, staff reductions of up to 1200. “The company shall immediately hold discussions with representatives of the works councils”, – stated in the message. Both voluntary and compulsory redundancies should be made in February 2017, as it is called. The employees should be offered opportunities to continue employment within the Etihad Airways Partners Group.

fleet, as well as the Cockpit and cabin crew are not busy. Therefore, Air Berlin intends to use up to 40 Airbus aircraft, including personnel for the A320 to rent family of the Lufthansa Group. Up to 38 aircraft to be acquired in the framework of a six-year-old so-called Wet-Lease agreement starting from the summer of 2017.

starting in the summer with up to 40 aircraft of the A320 family aircraft and 18 aircraft of the type Q400 for Short and medium-haul Connections to major European economy to offer locations. In addition, the total fleet to 75 aircraft, 17 aircraft of the type A330-200 long-haul flying to destinations worldwide.

Lufthansa uses weakness for Expansion of Eurowings

Lufthansa uses the weakness of Air Berlin in order to assert itself against the growing low-cost competition primarily by Ryanair and Easyjet: The Kranich-Airline expands its low-cost subsidiary Euro wings vigorously. The fleet of the daughter of currently 90 Jets is expected to grow by the Air Berlin Deal to 35 machines. A further five aircraft were leased from Austrian Airlines. Previously, the Lufthansa Supervisory Board approved the full acquisition of the Belgian airline Brussels Airlines.

What remains of Air Berlin? The hub-transport from Berlin and Düsseldorf, the long-haul and Shuttle Service to the location of the main shareholder Etihad.



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