Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Lidl ventures with fashion luxury mile –

The food discounter Aldi and Lidl also make clothes with big sales. Alone, the Chic lacks occasionally – and at the presentation. Now leaving Lidl beaten track and ventures with clothes on a luxury shopping street.

The food discounter wants this Thursday at Hamburg’s finest shopping street, the Neuer Wall, for ten days a “Pop-Up -Store “open to there for a new” make premium collection “of his clothing line Esmara advertising. From mid-September it will then enter the line and nationwide in the Lidl markets

Lidl presented thus for the first time some of its textile supply outside its own stores -. In the field of luxury brands such as Prada, Gucci, Hermés and Jil Sander.

This should appeal to customers who do otherwise when it comes to clothing to steer clear of the discounters. No wonder: Ultimately, Lidl and Aldi food markets – and have no dressing rooms

Temporary trial balloon

In Lidl clothes shop is different.. Although not permanent. For “pop-up stores” tend to use temporary vacancy and disappear as quickly as they came.

“We do not expect any great sales and will therefore not make money,” says Jan Bock, the Lidl purchasing manager for Germany. “The store will generate additional attention.” The women’s collection with trousers, dresses, shirts and shoes ranging in price to 49.99 euros.

Aldi before second Jette Joop Collection

But Lidl is not with its upgrade in the fashion industry. The discount giant Aldi surprised in April its customers with a fashion collection that was designed by the designer Jette Joop. They sold evidently good. Because the end of September brings the low-cost operators now an autumn collection by designer to the market: cardigans, jumpsuits, jeans, sweaters, shoes and handbags in price range 9-30 Euro

In scene Aldi Süd constitutes new collection. a “Fashion Truck” which arrives in Munich, Frankfurt and Dusseldorf and offers selected customers a styling by designer. The aim is “to make sophisticated fashion accessible to at best prices for all,” said Aldi manager Aline Suckow.

discounters need and want chicer be

The sudden desire of the low-cost supplier on Glamour the world of fashion comes to trade experts Wolfgang Adlwarth not surprising from the society for consumer research (GfK). Because the discounters are under pressure. For some time they lose to the GfK surveys in Germany market share to the classical supermarkets.

The increase in disposable income plays in this development according to estimates Adlwarths a role, as the grown continuously in recent years willingness of consumers, quality takes precedence over the price granted.

the aim of all discounters either currently, to give themselves a new, higher-quality image and to be more interesting for younger and quality-oriented customers, says Adlwarth. therefore Aldi takes more and more branded products on its shelves in. Lidl is investing millions in television advertising. And both chains pretty on their branches.

Important textile sales

The new style while textile sales fits as well into the picture. For he saith to younger, brand-conscious women – an audience at the discount stores is particularly dominant, as Adlwarth emphasized. In the eyes of the market research, it is no coincidence that the two industry giants are now the subject of fashion rivals. “Lidl and Aldi are in constant competition, especially in younger customers who have not yet so strong bond to one of the discounters,” says the industry expert

In addition:. Business with jeans, casual jackets and children -Schlafanzügen is for discounters anything but unimportant. The market is very large at around 55 billion euros. With textile sales of each more than a billion euros in both Lidl and the Aldi group are estimated by the industry trade magazine “Textile industry” in the top ten of the German textile trade.


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