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Troubled Airline: halving of the fleet, 1000 dismissals: So bad … – FOCUS Online

Monday, 26.09.2016, 01:50
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The ailing airline Air Berlin, a newspaper wants to shrink the report, according to strong. At the end of probably only half as many aircraft should be operated as is currently the case, reports the Monday edition of the “süddeutsche Zeitung”.

Also, the number of jobs in the administration should be halved. Therefore, the company wants to separate itself in the coming months is expected to be about a thousand of its 8600 employees.

Airberlin-the main shareholder, Etihad Airways negotiated according to the figures available currently, with the tourism group Tui, parts of Germany’s second largest airline with Tuifly and in one’s own holiday airline to continue. In addition, a few weeks ago already leaked that Etihad is negotiating with Lufthansa on a broad-based business: Airberlin wool around rent 40 Jets to eurowings, the low-offshoot of Lufthansa.

halving of the fleet

the negotiations with Tui and Lufthansa successfully, would be Air Berlin operate according to the “SZ” in the future, only about 70 machines, so about half as many as currently. That would also apply to the crews, so that pilots and shipboard personnel.

Etihad owns 29.2 percent of Air Berlin. The German airline has made the information, since the IPO in 2006, only a single Time profit. In the past three years, the company has accumulated losses amounting to almost 1.2 billion euros.

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