Thursday, September 22, 2016

Production stop in Wolfsburg: Defective press sets Golf-production of lame – NEWS

Thursday, 22. September 2016

at The VW plant in Wolfsburg, a media can’t be worked according to a report, once again, normal: Because a press is broken, should be sent to the employees home – and the production downtime will last at least until Tuesday.


In the case of Volkswagen, after the failure of a press at the main plant in Wolfsburg, production of VW Golf still. The “image”newspaper reported. Until Tuesday, therefore, no page parts could be manufactured more for the car model, it said. The employees in the plant had been sent up to the resumption of production after home. According to the report, the approximately 6,000 employees of the car manufacturer. Also the amount of damage caused by the loss of production, is still open.

A plant spokesman confirmed the outage and explained to him the fracture of a connecting rod in the drive of a large press – this was also restricted “portions of the downstream Assembly process”, specifically the body shop. “The consequence of this is that the Golf production will rest from tomorrow, Friday and next Monday and Tuesday,” said the spokesman. “The employees have already been informed.”

The factory in Wolfsburg, Germany as the world’s largest car factory. You produced per year, more than 800 000 vehicles, in addition to the Golf is still the small SUV Tiguan and the Van Touran. In General, the carmaker cushions problems like the free days with time accounts. Employees will receive the usual reward.

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There is a further breakdown for the VW group, due to a slump in sales in the model, the VW Passat already-factory in Emden in East Frisia once again, Lahm had to and still fight with the consequences of breaks in Production, the dispute with two suppliers had a few weeks ago. Because of the differences about missing components, more than 20,000 cars were Volkswagen rolled off the Assembly line.

In Emden, Wolfsburg, Zwickau, Kassel, Salzgitter and Braunschweig were not able to work 27.700 people as planned. Alone in the main plant in Wolfsburg for around 100.00 Golf had been not produced, as reported by the “Welt am Sonntag”. According to experts, the supply stop should have Europe’s largest carmaker more than EUR 100 million cost.




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