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Kaiser’s Tengelmann – “smashing” – Germany radio

The fate of thousands of workers could be anyone no matter, said healing. At the same time, healing, defended the granting of the Ministerial permit. The protection of jobs was a matter of the common good.

Tengelmann, the owner of Karl-Erivan Haub had yesterday stopped the plans for a smashing first. Within two weeks

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Jürgen Zurheide: The struggle for the future of the Tengelmann Kaiser’s goes on, for 14 days, there is once again a sort of reprieve. Since it’s still 15,000 Workers. We know the Takeover is blocked, the losses are high, the destruction threatens. And the question is what happens now in the next 14 days. We want a political speaker talk to Hubertus Heil, the SPD in the Bundestag, economy. He is on the phone, good Morning, Lord!

Hubertus Heil: good Morning, I greet you!

Zurheide: the Lord of healing, what do you expect now in the next 14 days, what can, what should, what will happen?

healing:, I hope – certainly, we can’t be us – that the 14 days be used, to prevent now, the defeat in the interest of securing jobs. 8,000 to 15,000 Employees, salespersons, warehouse workers, butchers. And their fate should not be no matter, therefore, it is good that there are talks. And all Involved need to know that in the basic law with a requirement, namely, that the property is obliged to serve the common good. And that is, in this sense, to protect workers ‘ interests.

Zurheide: interfere with the policy or you can say, well, not everything was so productive, what we had before, we can now better?

healing: I believe that it is necessary to tell a bit of what the course of events. It was a matter of fact, there is a request for Ministerial approval to allow a merger. This means that the policy has not intervene, but it was a Situation that Tengelmann has actually made this request, Edeka also. And that this request had to be considered and decided on and that had to be weighed, subject to conditions in the Rest of what to do. The requirements were to secure employment, a collective contract must be submitted. All of this is happening, the have submitted a collective bargaining agreement. And then a court has claimed that jobs are not a public interest, and the discarded. Now we have a Situation that the destruction threatened by this judgment. And there is the attempt to determine in conversations, if you can turn away. And I can only hope that this succeeds, because those who have criticised the Minister’s permission, which would then be experiencing what is actually happening, namely a defeat of the workers at the expense of the workers.

Zurheide: Now the well is, of course, cautions, and notes are there, Yes, this Ministerial approval has been requested, but may have requested knew, beforehand, that the Minister of economy, who is also SPD Chairman, because quite favorably on it. And one or the other says, the attitude of the Tengelmann owner have to do with it, that they were safe, we get this approval. You can clear this up?

healing: workers ‘ rights are the common good

healing: Yes, you can. So the Minister has stood in the Bundestag Committee. That is also not a party political matter. The Ministerial approval was welcomed by representatives of the CDU/CSU, the left party and the SPD. Only the Greens have criticized it. And the manners not to intervene in the Moment, rather like the new party, according to the Motto, you can also. No, the legislature, which expressly provides that it is an Instrument of the Ministerial approval in the antitrust law, if public interests are affected. And if workers ‘ rights are not welfare anymore, when jobs are to a considerable extent a question of the common good … what is it then, Zurheide

: I think, this is not necessarily the dispute. I see a different aspect.

healing: But, this is a crucial dispute.

Zurheide: Before the court, but it is, of course, or there is also the question of whether the 16,000 are now saved by the collective agreement, then the jobs, but somewhere else lost. This is the cascade of the argument. To be dismissed out of Hand, this is not the case of Overcapacity may be, is it?

healing: negotiating success for the workers is at risk

healing: It is not a question of Overcapacity, it is actually Ver.di managed the requirements, namely, wage contracts, both in the case of Tengelmann, as well as at Edeka to enforce the note, that employment is secured. By the way, the employment of temporary workers is permanently secured. And that’s a huge success. The is in danger, now, when the destruction threatens to actually. Therefore, you have to hope now, because of this pending court procedure otherwise a smashing result in reasonable talks, all the Parties save a try to what is to be saved.

Zurheide: can mean, but only that it is coming to this sale and that could possibly then, Rewe and others, who have since sued to take back their complaints. This is the only way, because that can happen in the next 14 days. That now file is audited, exclude, Yes, in fact.

healing: no, I was not on Thursday evening at the talks. No politicians were at the table, but Ver.di had invited all Parties, the fight in this procedure, a table and …

Zurheide: With which you have spoken.

healing: I have, of course, also with Ver.di-representatives talking, because that is one thing that binds us together, the concern about jobs. And Ver.di has Zurheide, the representatives of the various companies, the arguing and the plating with campaigns that cost very much money, because it is, of course, also about tangible interests, –

: Properly.

healing: – the table is loaded, and said, look, all armed, for all interests. Our interest is a fair balance of interests in the interest of the employees. Let’s talk about solutions, talk about, and obviously, the conversations were so, that the owner has told Tengelmann, then I’m going to start now, no method of the smashing, no social plan to apply for, but then I try, in the next 14 days for this conversation to continue, to struggle for solutions. Like the look, I can’t judge, as I said, because I sat there at the table.

Zurheide: Then we want to hope for the workers, that it comes to reasonable solutions. Today, we find out in the Morning trying to what policy can do. Lord of salvation, I would like to thank you for the interview!

healing: I want to thank you! Thank you, have a nice day!

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