Friday, September 30, 2016

Green electricity: EEG levy is set to increase substantially –

More money for green energy: The promotion of electricity from wind power and solar to consumers in the next year is expected to dig deeper into their pockets. Experts expect an increase of the so-called Green levy on “just under 7 cents” per kilowatt-hour.

Currently, she is 6.35 cents. The exact amount of the levy to the price of Electricity for 2017 will be announced in mid-October.

levy coupled to the current market price

The “image”newspaper had initially reported that the levy could 1. January 2017 to a minimum of 7.1 cents per kilowatt-hour are increased. Citing government circles and the German Federal network Agency, it was said, even a Plus up to 7.3 cents. The additional burden for an average Three-person household amounts at annual rate of around 35 Euro. The economy Ministry did not comment on the Figures: “In speculation, we do not participate.”

The EEG levy is a component of the electricity price for end consumer and is a year to 15. October for the following year by the network operators on the Basis of forecasts. Since this year, the 15. October falls on a Saturday, could be brought forward the date by one day. The levy is calculated as the difference between current market price and the guaranteed purchase prices for green electricity. The lower the stock price, the higher the levy.

Green: costs are not passed on reductions to consumers

this year, consumers have to pay more, as the operators of wind farms and solar have obtained plants. Also, the more green energy is slowed down Expansion. On the EEG account had accumulated almost three billion euros. This should be taken into account. Also in 2017 is an election year.

Green-expert Oliver Krischer said economy Minister Sigmar Gabriel (SPD) had become “a victim of his own ideology fixed costs debate”. He had made the EEG levy to the extent of its energy transition policy: “He must not find at the end of his tenure in this legislature, now that the EEG levy is dependent on the Expansion of Renewable energies, but rather from the Renewable drop in the stock market price of electricity.”

be expanded While according to Krischer hardly Renewable energies should rise in the EEG levy. This is absurd. With the increase in the levy, Gabriel intended to buy, apparently, a thick cushion, in order to liberate, in the future, other industrial corporations of the levy at the expense of the consumer. The private consumers would benefit from the cost reductions through the use of Renewable energies: “that is Why we need a reduction in the price of electricity.”


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