Monday, September 26, 2016

Air Berlin is smashed out of “pure desperation” – THE WORLD

Ryanair-in-chief Michael O’leary has imploded predicted: Air Berlin. The struggle for Survival of the second largest German airline is in a mess swirls the entire industry and leads to new alliances. Expected later this week in Berlin, a major shareholder, Etihad, wants to shrink the highly indebted company to the half. Around 40 pilots will want to advise the Arabs expected to be in line with Lufthansa’s los, whose Supervisory Board on Wednesday over the Acquisition of aircraft and Crews by means of Leasing.

for More holiday flyer and the daughter Niki might land in a joint venture with the Tui, reads from the environment of the negotiator. Remain lines, with around 70 Jets, some of the remote, the hub-transport in Berlin and Düsseldorf as well as the Shuttle flights to Abu Dhabi – the real reason why joined Etihad ever by the Berliners.

aviation consultant Gerald Wissel, however, is also scaled-down concept is not convinced: “The European strategy of the Etihad has failed. With the Shuttle flights to Abu Dhabi is also a hull-Air Berlin would not be viable for the future. Etihad is not strategically, but out of pure desperation."

So is probably also understand the current rush to the loss of the Airline to split the rich old. “It is now,” says Etihad-circles. If Lufthansa succeeds Deal on Wednesday, should be the agreement with Tuifly this week to issue a judgment. Additional movement comes from the large tourist groups, their own airlines, like Tuifly or Condor had recently been struggling with the lack of tourist interest in Turkey and many Arab destinations. “Thomas Cook and Tui check if you make your airlines,” says Wissel. “Well, an independent flight providers, summarises these fleets with the aircraft of Air Berlin, together.”

Ryanair and Easyjet lurking on growth opportunities

Initially, only the Tuifly with an Air-Berlin-part of the fleet goes together but for the first time. The partners would thus, at least a way out of the for Air Berlin, much to expensive Leasing Deal from 14 Tuifly Boeing’s office staff, according to insiders at least until 2019 would be gone.

in view of the Air-Berlin-record debt of around 900 million euros, Tui may be forced to in the sour Apple to be not very soon from a collapse of the Berlin surprised. Actually, Tui was chief Fritz Joussen already thinking aloud that the world could get by largest travel group without their own aircraft – if there is enough flight provider. The Deals by Air Berlin could be the first steps for the reorganization of the European aerospace industry.

Lufthansa wants to take over routes from Air Berlin

From the end of October, wants to take on Lufthansa, some of the routes of ailing rival Air Berlin, the Sueddeutsche Zeitung reported. Overall, the Lufthansa wool rent of approximately 40 aircraft including the crews.

source: The world

With Ryanair and Easyjet lurk two aggressive provider of permanent opportunities for growth, especially as they must be expected due to the announced Brexits in your UK’s main market with a year-long lull. Ryanair has made Air Berlin in the German capital, with competitive prices and new destinations of hell. An end to the Offensive is not in sight: this year Alone, Ryanair provides 52 new Jets in the service and has 380 pilots. Lufthansa must therefore ensure that the flight operations of the leased Air Berlin aircraft to be running continuously.

the Deal Comes to only include aircraft from the eurowings unit patterns, A320, be in the winter flight schedule on 30. October only, flight number and traffic re-flagged rights. New uniforms, liveries, and a closer commercial connection of the new part of the fleet had, however, only once time.

In the past eight years, only a net profit

For the Euro-wings-in-chief, Karl Ulrich Garnadt expected “toughest competition of all time” equips Lufthansa with a further business, the complete takeover of the existing 45 percent stake in Brussels Airlines, as well as in the Euro wings to rise. For this purpose, the Supervisory Board should draw on Wednesday, the already existing stock Option. The Belgians would stretch 29-Jets of the A320 family and nine long-haul aircraft.

The flying staff is highly alert, if also initially, especially in the administration. The new holiday flyer, including Niki would be expected to be fast in the room, this is the company in Austria, where a lower level of tariffs prevails. The head of the independent flight attendant Organisation Ufo, Nicoley Baublies warned the companies before the reorganization without the social partners. The unstructured process to prepare him great concern, says the tariff expert of the cab Union. Also, the pilots of Tuifly have, as a precautionary measure announced resistance if you don’t a form acceptable to Investor should be.

Air Berlin has flown in the past eight years, only once a net profit. Under chief Executive Stefan Pichler has no turning. He wants Air Berlin to be stronger on the long and business customers to align, the more you pay as a tourist. The net loss grew in spite of rapidly fallen Oil and kerosene prices in the past year to just under 450 million euros. The company hangs on the drip of Etihad, which has already invested more than a billion euros in Air Berlin. The pilot’s Union Vereinigung Cockpit called for an end to the speculation. They were “unsustainable” for the workforce.

Tuifly operates 41 aircraft, of which 14 of Air Berlin are operated. A merger with Niki are likely to encounter the resistance of the workers ‘ representatives. Niki works with the lowest cost of all the units of Air Berlin. Tui had confirmed last week contacts with Air Berlin. You must be prepared for the case that the Situation at Air Berlin were to deteriorate, it said in a letter to employees. A Tuifly spokesman had denied that Tui would like to take Niki together with Lufthansa.


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