Saturday, September 24, 2016

Schäuble contra ECB chief: the Bundestag should take Draghi in the lack of NEWS

Saturday, 24. September 2016

Europe’s Central Bank chief, visited on Wednesday in the Bundestag. The Federal Minister of Finance does not require its members to be just to be nice to the guest.

For his policy of cheap money, the head of the European Central Bank gets from the many pages of criticism. Especially sharp attacks from Germany and especially the German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble, however, are on a regular basis. The made the low interest rates, not only for the needs of the savers, but for the success of the AfD and other right-wing populists in Germany.

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Draghi in return, the German economy is criticized multiple times policy, the for imbalances in the Euro area, and low growth. This, in turn, the low-interest-rate policy from Draghi’s point of view, necessary in the first place.

Too comfortable is not likely to Draghi’s visit in the financial exclusion of the Bundestag next Wednesday to be in front of this Background, so anyway. However, it does not want to leave the Minister of Finance, apparently. As the “image”newspaper reported, called on Schäuble to the Committee members specifically, the ECB head hard. Earlier, Schäuble sarcastically said he was not “creative enough to explain the meaning of zero-interest rate”.




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