Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Air Berlin releases more than a Thousand employees – MIRROR ONLINE

for years, Air Berlin is in crisis, now, the airline will result in consequences: Lufthansa should take up to 40 aircraft. The rest of the fleet is mainly intended to fly from Berlin and Dusseldorf.

Air-Berlin-Flieger (icon image)


Air-Berlin-Flieger (icon image)

Air Berlin shrinks dramatically. The struggling airline wants to cut up to 1,200 employees and a part of their fleet to Lufthansa, as the company announced on Wednesday in a message to the financial markets.

The company has been stuck for years in the crisis. On Monday it was reported that Air Berlin intends to halve its fleet.

You will focus on the core business with a fleet of 75 planes of the two rotary Berlin and Düsseldorf from cross, – stated in the message. The tourist business will be aggregated with 35 aircraft in a separate business unit with the goal to examine strategic options.

the airline wants to hire up to 40 pilot’s office crews at the ailing Air Berlin for six years. The majority is to fly for the low-cost subsidiary Euro wings, Lufthansa announced. The agreement shall run according to the figures, over six years, and with the summer flight schedule on 26. In March 2017.

The Berlin stuck in a desperate financial situation: with nearly a billion Euro in debt is the second largest German airline is already held for years by their Arab major shareholder Etihad with new million syringes in the air.

Air Berlin CEO Stefan Pichler regretted the decision to make cuts, justified this with the need for the company to be more efficient, align: “It is difficult for me, in a dynamic labour market, such as the German compulsory redundancies to announce. However, we need to reduce unfortunately staff,” he said. “Our goal is to make this as socially responsible a manner as possible.”


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