Thursday, September 29, 2016

Soundcloud: Spotify wants to buy a competing Start-up – FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Streaming services are popular. Now Spotify wants to buy a competitor.

The music streaming market leader Spotify apparently wants to buy its rival, Soundcloud, one of the best-known Berlin-based Start-ups. The two companies were in advanced takeover talks, although a Deal could still fail, wrote the “Financial Times”. A purchase price was unclear.

In the last funding round was the assessment of Soundcloud, according to reports in the media, with 700 million dollars. The financial service Bloomberg reported, also, in the summer, Soundcloud was considering to ask for a billion dollars to the sale. In June, Soundcloud is repeated in the most recent financial $ 100 million from investors syringe, among other things, from Twitter.

jewel of the Berlin Start-up scene

Soundcloud is considered to be a jewel of the Berlin Start-up scene, again and again, was speculating about an IPO. The company was initially a platform for highly charged music, was, in the meantime, but also Deals with major music companies, and launched at the end of March the subscription offer “Soundcloud Go”. How successful is it, has so far remained unclear. Soundcloud has, according to previous figures, a total of more than 175 million users.

More about

Spotify cracked recently the mark of 40 million paying subscription customers, and is still the clear number one in the market ahead of Apple Music with 17 million users. While Apple has in its Streaming Service, not a Free Version, Spotify together with the free variant, in accordance with previous data on a total of more than 100 million users.

Spotify launches in Japan

to go this Thursday Spotify also announced in the Online services difficult Japanese market at the Start. In Japan, the global heavy weights on a lot of local competition. Spotify is the first Streaming deal in Japan, which also has a Free Version.

While everywhere in the world, the Streaming goes through the ceiling, when the music directly from the network is played, the brackets themselves Japanese even more than elsewhere on the CD. According to a recent survey of the music Association, IFPI, only eleven percent of the Japanese Internet accessible user to the Streaming. For comparison: In Germany, there were 32 per cent and in Sweden, 61 per cent. More than half of industry sales are still done with the CD. At the same time, Japan is also one of the largest and most lucrative music markets in the world.

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