Friday, September 30, 2016

Deutsche Bank share, for the first time under 10 Euro Gäubote – Mr. Berger newspaper

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The difficulties for the Deutsche Bank not to hear. Now the stock is affected. Photo: Andreas Arnold

, Frankfurt/New York (dpa) – The bad news do not stop for the Deutsche Bank: On Friday the share price fell again sharply, once the nervousness leaves now seem to be also traces of day-to-day business behind.

Background reports, some hedge funds in the United States have risks transactions with the Bank and Money balances from the commercial area of the Institute will be deducted. Deutsche-Bank-Manager Barry Bausano language of normal fluctuations. It had been this week, To both outflows.

The Bank again emphasized its stability and pointed to the extensive liquidity of more than EUR 200 billion. “Our business partners are among the world’s most demanding investors,” said the Institute in a statement.

“We are convinced that the vast majority of our stable financial Position, the current overall economic environment, the legal disputes in the United States and the progress that we have made in the implementation of our strategy, very well understands.”

Deutsche Bank-the European Central Bank said shares at the start of trading on the Frankfurt stock exchange temporarily to 9 percent to 9,898 Euro. Previously, they were slumped in late New York trading.

in the light of new speculation about a Capital shortfall and possible state aid, the shares have lost in the past two weeks, a quarter of its value. The Bank is currently in the stock market no 14 billion euros in value.

the support received by the German Bank of some important analysts. “We believe that the Bank’s liquidity situation is stable,” wrote Goldman-Sachs-expert Jernej Omahen in a first evaluation. He stressed at the same time, the Bank need now in urgent need of good news. Especially a settlement of the litigation would be immensely important. Also Analyst Jon Peace from the Swiss Bank Credit Suisse considers the recent development on the stock markets is exaggerated.

the trigger for the great nervousness of the past few days, the threat of the U.S. Department of justice, the Deutsche Bank is aufzubrummen for Offences of mortgage papers, a penalty of US $ 14 billion. Deutsche Bank stresses that the payment at the end would be much lower. Nevertheless, prevail in the financial markets currently Provide that the Institute can’t raise the money on its own. This week, it was speculated, therefore, that the Federal government is working on contingency plans for the Bank, which has been officially denied.


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