Thursday, September 22, 2016

Kaiser’s Tengelmann: A rescue attempt shortly before Twelve? –

Kaiser’s Tengelmann is deep in the red. Shortly before the Supervisory Board meeting in the morning want to put the bosses of Rewe, Edeka and Tengelmann now. But behind them, a long, dogged in dispute is one year.

It is a small trade summit, which will take place in the evening in a Hotel in Frankfurt: Tengelmann owner Erivan Karl Haub, Edeka Chairman Markus Mosa and Rewe CEO Alain Caparros. The table also Verdi chief Frank Bsirske sits probably. The interest of the trade unions is clear: as many as possible branches to save, and therefore thousands of Jobs are backing up.

Also, the trade bosses would have to actually have the interest to get at least the profitable branches. The Situation is plenty of procedures. Because the managers have raked in the last 23 months in the acquisition of poker. This Meeting is taking place literally at the last Minute.

Edeka. 450 branches

take over two years Ago, the Deal basically seemed perfect: It was decided that Edeka to take over all 450 branches of Kaiser’s Tengelmann Rewe had indicated prior to this decision, including interest at the ailing supermarket chain, the Supplement in the industry but got Primus. Until the middle of 2015, the Kaiser’s Tengelmann stores, to Edeka.

But in April 2015, the cartel’s going to Veto it. The authority increases feared price, less competition and disadvantages for the consumer, too high a concentration in the market. Then, Tengelmann and Edeka apply for a so-called Ministerial permission, through you, in spite of the Veto of the merger. Economy Minister Gabriel sees this as a Chance to save thousands of Jobs and consents in March 2016, but under harsh conditions: Edeka has to guarantee the receipt of almost 16,000 jobs at Kaiser’s Tengelmann for seven years.

Monpolkommission and Rewe are, however,

But Gabriel gets against the wind. For one, the monopoly Commission, an Advisory body to the Federal government. In a report, it supports the Position of the cartel office. On the other Rewe turns on now. With the support of the trading houses Distinctive and Norma-the number two of Germany’s biggest supermarket-chains appeal to the higher regional court of Düsseldorf against the Ministerial approval.

success: The OLG stops the Ministerial approval in July of this year. In the justification it is said that Gabriel did not behave in the method neutral and is self-conscious about it. This, in turn, Edeka and a Federal court appeal against the decision of the OLG. In

>Deadlock Situation between all the parties Involved

in theory could also make Edeka and Tengelmann with a legal Trick to make the complaints invalid. Namely, by dragging the application to the Minister for permission to return and so as not to take. But even that is very questionable. Since then, the Veto of the cartel office would have. Against the Edeka and Tengelmann have complained, but until it comes to a judgment, it can take.

The expectations for the Meeting tonight are very low. The trade bosses are apparently not very willing to negotiate, otherwise they would have met probably earlier. First, decisions about the future of the supermarket chain that will have to be expected on the meeting of the Supervisory Board of Tengelmann group, on Friday. In newspaper reports at the weekend of a list of branch closures. Perhaps a realistic scenario, maybe a build-up before the Meeting? The Situation is the abundant method.


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