Friday, September 2, 2016

Ireland draws against Apple decision in court – THE WORLD

Dublin – The Irish government will seek legal set against the EU Commission’s decision to tax payments of the iPhone group Apple to Wehr <. / p>

this is what the Irish cabinet agreed at a special meeting, such a government spokesman of German press agency confirmed. The European Commission ruled that Apple must pay extra € 13 billion in taxes.

About the action before the European Court now is to vote the Irish Parliament. The BBC reported, citing Irish government circles, they wanted to submit to Parliament on Wednesday a “strongly worded” motion to a vote. Observers expect that the government thus across party meets at the deputies with great approval.

How the Irish TV station RTE reports the Justice Department was tasked , draw up an action with which Ireland intends to oppose the “intervention on the tax sovereignty of sovereign Member States” by the EU legislation. At the same time to the Irish Government have announced that they have the system of corporation tax by independent experts.

Apple is projected by the European Commission through tax agreements with Ireland inadmissible have received state aid. Thus, the US group is said to have paid in 2014 a corporation of only 0.005 percent. The Commission ordered payments amounting to 13 billion euros.

The Irish Government and Apple had denied the allegations. Also, the US group announced to file a complaint. Apple CEO Tim Cook accused the EU Commission to pursue a political agenda. The criticism from Brussels, Apple had paid in Ireland in 2014 a corporation of only 0.005 percent, Cook called “political filth”. “I do not know where they got this number,” Cook said. Apple had paid in the year $ 400 million tax in the country. “We believe that we were making it the largest taxpayer in Ireland this year.”

Competition Commissioner Margaret Vestager disagreed. Your authority relied on figures from Apple itself and partly on data from hearings in the US. It advertised more tax transparency. Companies should disclose, among other things, how many employees they have in a country, how much revenue and profit they made and how many taxes they paid. “This would have any kind of mystery to an end.” Proposals had the EU Commission made in spring. She threw the iPhone group also, “administrative centers”, where profits have been allocated, would exist only on paper. In Europe, the Commission’s action was widely welcomed from nearly all political camps.

criticism of the actions of the European Commission came against it from the United States. US Treasury Secretary Jack Lew speculated that Europeans had it in for tax payments that would derive from the US Treasury. Vestager contradicted the: “In the case of Apple is about profits through sales in Europe,” she said. “I think this is clearly a European issue.” She announced that she would meet Lew in September during a trip to Washington.

Apple leaves for decades a substantial part of global business through subsidiaries in Ireland run, the structure has been around since 1980. Previous to expert estimates for tax payments ranged from several hundred million and 19 billion dollars that calculated the bank JP Morgan as a maximum possible.

Apple is sitting on cash reserves of $ 230 billion currently good. About 90 percent of store outside the United States, largely in Ireland. Investors took the decision left on the Apple shares fell premarket only just over one percent after

Report of the Irish TV station RTE – English

news on the BBC website for forthcoming action – English

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