Friday, September 2, 2016

Samsung Galaxy Note 7: Samsung will stop selling its flagship model – SPIEGEL ONLINE

The Galaxy Note 7 should Samsung’s top smartphone are for the fall – now it brings the group a lot of trouble. After it already have been reports of delays in the launch, the company will stop now provisionally the sale of the device.

The smart phones already sold would be replaced by new equipment, the South Korean company said on Friday. It will take about two weeks to provide this. The exchange will begin in South Korea on 19 September. The fact that a product recall is planned, the South Korean Yonhap news agency had previously reported news with respect to an insider.

Some owners of the device had previously reported from exploding batteries. Yonhap News reported now, in his investigation of complaints Samsung have found that in fact a battery fault it was his fault that some phones caught fire. As potentially affected Samsung guess a 0.1 percent of all devices sold, the insider is quoted. Samsung wanted the message to the news agency initially not comment.

On Friday morning it was said, according to Samsung already one million grade 7 devices sold were. The Group knows of 35 cases where there were incidents by defective batteries.

delays in Germany

Samsung had declared on Wednesday that it will come to further delays in delivery due to additional quality controls. . The Galaxy Note 7 since mid-August, for example, in South Korea, and available in the US

A touch-7 Buyer of Busan, the second largest city in South Korea, reported the AP news agency, their smartphone is gone up in flames: In her bedroom smoke had risen, the smell of chemicals. You now have concerns, new tech gadgets to buy, mainly because their personal information had been lost that were stored on the device.

The woman wrote in an online forum, had the phone in the found near her head, she had this post probably can not write any more. Samsung had offered after the incident, to reimburse the purchase price and to pay the equivalent of 240 euros in compensation.

In Germany the score 7 was supposed to appear on September 2, now called Samsung no release date. The device will cost 849 euros. Our test of smartphones, in which there were no problems, read here.

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