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Cheating – Telekom employees ergaunern 40 million payback points – Sü

  • Deutsche Telekom employees have surreptitiously within one year 40 million Payback points.
  • You have the points themselves well written, rather than making their customers on the bonus promotion carefully.
  • the Telekom meanwhile the damage of EUR 400 000 from their – reclaimed staff

One cent per point, that’s the deal. 28 million German received him with the bonus program Payback and be on their purchases credit points. From a certain number, they can redeem them then: for rewards, vouchers or cash. With more than 600 partners, customers can collect those bonus points, there are always special promotions or coupons with which they can multiply these.

Up to 5000 points, there are, for example, when a customer enters into a mobile phone contract with Telekom , From this he can be credited 50 euros in retrospect. A bank, for otherwise weekly purchases would be needed. This took advantage of some employees of the Telekom. Between October 2014 and October 2015, they have the points that actually states the customer, taken over on the.

Systematic fraud in Germany

In order to have a total of 40 million payback points employees their company cheated within one year. In the case on the first, the Image reported newspaper, it comes to a total value of EUR 400 000. Downright systematically employees have booked the dots on their own cards.

The customer got vertigo according to the company nothing. “Whenever the customer had a coupon, they got this credit also” affirms a Telekom spokesman. In the affected cases they were simply not informed about the bonus program -. And the staff had purposely avoided making them attention, to collect the points themselves

Accordingly, not the customer the injured party, but the German Telekom itself. Because the company pays for the vouchers redeemed an amount of payback. In turn, the company hopes the partnership has the advantage that customers with Payback card shopping preferably with them rather than with the competition.

employees used several Payback Cards

The Telekom the damage incurred in the meantime been recovered by the staff. Some of them now are no longer working for the company. Immediately the staff required to sign a declaration that benefits may not be credited to private Loyalty Cards.

In addition, the coupons that could be used in the past as often and thus were a gateway for the cheating are, from once equipped with a serial number and valid only for a single application. Although the system have also been already recognized extraordinary points movements once more identical coupons were booked on a points account, as a payback spokeswoman. According to the Telekom but the mesh of the staff was very sophisticated, because they used for cheating several Payback cards.

Payback According existed in the past, only one other case of fraud of this kind. In 2008 had Cashier the retail chain Real their own Payback cards used to it, to collect the points of customers. In part, this was even done in consultation with the buyers, as it was then called from council districts – the employees were fired after the announcement anyway


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