Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Alliance with Navistar: VW launches Truck-offensive in the US – Handelsblatt

Navistar truck

Volkswagen invested $ 256 million in the US company

(Photo: Navistar).

Hamburg Volkswagen achieved through a partnership with the American truck maker Navistar jump on the important US market. Both companies announced on Tuesday at a far-reaching strategic alliance, confirming information of the news agency Reuters. To support the partnership, takes over the VW subsidiary Truck & amp; Bus for $ 256 million 16.6 percent at Navistar. In return, the Wolfsburg can to send two representatives to the Board of Navistar

Andreas Renschler, Truck & amp. Bus boss at VW, said Tuesday in a conference call: “On our way to becoming a global champion, all options are open.” A similar response he gave when asked if his group more than 16.6 percent could take over the US manufacturer.

the truck business of Volkswagen

  • Heavy trucks only are comparatively short time the Volkswagen empire. Nevertheless, the truck business has an eventful history behind it. In 2000, the Wolfsburg carmaker had bought the Swedish truck manufacturer Scania, six years later, the Group acquired shares in MAN first. The Munich group attempted even to buy Scania. But VW had other plans. The then patriarch Ferdinand Piech wanted to offer not only the motorcycle on the small cars to trucks all – he wanted to create a truck holding long term

  • there are now this holding. Under the umbrella of Volkswagen Truck & amp; Bus are located the daughters MAN and Scania. They should work closely as possible – especially to reduce costs, such as research and development, but also when shopping. While MAN and Scania in Europe are strong and compete against the rival Daimler, Volvo and DAF, MAN Latin America fights in Brazil with the severe economic crisis. Once the acquired Volkswagen truck business was there an important source of revenue for Munich.

  • In the US, VW had on the commercial vehicle market so far nothing to report and had the business local manufacturers as well as the rival and world leader Daimler leave, inter alia, the Freightliner and Western Star include. Now an investment and alliance with the US supplier Navistar adopted.

  • Daimler Trucks sold in the first half 2016, worldwide nearly 214,000 trucks and nearly 11,800 buses. Volkswagen Truck & amp; Bus GmbH came with their brands in the same period to 90,000 sold trucks and buses

    Source:. Dpa

Unlike Daimler and Volvo Volkswagen is not with his two truck brands MAN and Scania in the important US market for heavy trucks previously active. “Now we take the next step on our way to a global champion of the commercial vehicle industry”, Andreas Renschler said. The alliance with Navistar was an important milestone. The end of this or early next year starting cooperation will Navistar enable to achieve global scale and scope in the procurement, said Navistar CEO Troy Clarke.

Part of the cooperation agreement is the joint development of a engine platform and a common purchase. “By working together, especially when the drive train, our synergy potential increased again significantly in the group,” said Matthias Gründler, CFO of VW Truck & amp; Bus. Navistar will benefit from the drive technologies of Volkswagen, and Volkswagen in return of large numbers.

Unlike car is VW for heavy trucks and buses not affected by the gas scandal. Volkswagen had admitted to having tampered with diesel exhaust emissions with a software. Therefore, the Group threaten billions penalties and damages.


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