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Bosch asked VW apparently Indemnification Bosch gets deeper and deeper … –


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Bosch is probably much deeper involved in the exhaust scandal as the company admits. Accordingly, his engineers should have co-developed the fraud software for years. Bosch also has demanded from VW, the supplier of the indemnify


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Multiple Bosch has rejected the suspicion in the past, played a crucial role in the VW exhaust scandal to have. As “wild and unfounded” criticized the suppliers accusations of plaintiffs’ lawyers, according to which 38 employees were allegedly involved in the fraud.

However, in the US method of co-defendant suppliers come under increasing pressure. Until now blackened parts of the US application of VW customers against Bosch, which are now released, are loud NDR, WDR can occupy and “Süddeutsche Zeitung” that Bosch engineers have helped develop the fraud software for years. It was the trader realized that such a shut-off device is prohibited.

part of the complaint therefore is also a letter dated June 2008. This Bosch had demanded from the VW Group, exempt him from liability. Because the “required further development” of the motor controller will cause “that data may be used as a defeat device (fraud Software)”.

Bosch, in the letter explicitly states that the use of such a function in the USA is forbidden and warn that the so-equipped vehicles could lose their operating license.

indictment Bosch extends

the lawyers who damaged same seater in the US represented, had expanded its action against the supplier until the middle of August. Take Bosch of having played an active role in the development of software delivered to VW over more than ten years, to have been tricked with the case of exhaust tests. Ignorance of the fraud is excluded. Bosch did not want to comment on the allegations themselves with reference to the current procedure.

Meanwhile, VW has teamed up with the US plaintiffs – which include vehicle owners and car dealers, US authorities and state attorneys general – when most of the affected cars to a comparison of up to 15.3 billion US dollars (13.5 billion euros) agreed. Bosch is the defendant in the same process, but so far has provided no admission of guilt and not participate in the extrajudicial compromise

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