Thursday, September 1, 2016

Also affected “”: More Unister Company Report insolvency – ABC Online

Thursday, 09.01.2016, 19:19
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Three more companies in the travel division of Unister group have filed for bankruptcy. This is the ex-in-the-holiday-operating company with 178 employees and two smaller companies, the provisional insolvency administrator Lucas Flöther said on Thursday the German press agency.

the bookings are safe for customers to change anything, emphasized the preliminary insolvency administrator Lucas Flöther. Overall, are affected by the insolvency 1080 employees. Following the bankruptcy of the three companies all essential parts of the travel division now could be sold to an investor – without contamination as liabilities

The customer must now know

a few weeks ago told Unister and. liquidator Flöther that customers need not have worried. Who, for example, wonders what will happen to his travel down payment for the so-called Certificate of Security is important. “If even a deposit is paid, customers can try to transfer the rest directly to the tour operator”, it was then called. For customers look best directly to the contractor, for example Tui.

Others worry whether their booked trip actually takes place. They were told: Do hotels, airlines and car rental companies get their money, should the travel by road warriors. “The tourists should contact the service providers in conjunction before they make the trip,” said Tatjana Halm, travel law expert at the Consumer Bavaria.

liquidator negotiated sale

the Until the expiry deadline on 31 August were loud liquidator Flöther six concrete purchase offers from investors. In consultation with the creditors, these are now being reviewed and conducted individual negotiations with the bidders. “The final word on the contract have the creditors.” Tenders shall be all the travel division. Thus, a deal is emerging on the core business with its famous Unister brands and platforms as a likely solution. Here go burdens and risks such as debt or litigation not to the buyer.

Until a contract signed with a potential investor, the insolvent companies will be continued. Flöther assumes that this is even possible when the payment of insolvency money runs out in late September. “While we have to insolvency declines, but the earnings situation is stable,” said Flöther. This is mainly because that were “immense marketing spend” down drastically screwed. “So we do have slumps in sales, but also significantly lower costs.”

More than 40 portals include Unister

Thus, a deal draws on the core business from his famous Unister brands and platforms as a likely solution. Here go burdens and risks such as debt or litigation not to the buyer.

The Unister Group operates over 40 Internet portals, including and After the death of company president Thomas Wagner, the company had filed for bankruptcy. The 38-year-old had died in a plane crash, on Thursday was the funeral held in Leipzig.

funeral of accident Unister Chefs

Meanwhile, passed seven weeks after the plane crash friends and companions of the Unister Chefs Thomas Wagner (38) and Oliver Schilling (39). The two shareholders of Leipzig Internet company had come in mid-July in a plane crash in Slovenia killed. They were on their way back from Venice. There Wagner should be aufgesessen hoping for a loan one million fraud. Shortly thereafter Unister went bankrupt.

At the funeral on Thursday in Leipzig almost 400 employees, friends and companions gathered farewell to the two managers. Grief speakers recalled the awakening spirit with which Wagner and Schilling Unister extensions into a giant in the Internet travel business.

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