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Apple GmbH in Munich – Söder arises in the tax dispute behind Apple – Sü

  • The European Commission has put into play that other countries now even from recovering a portion of the 13 billion euros to be paid by Apple.
  • However, Germany is benefiting probably not from the record fine. This tells the responsible Bavarian Ministry of Finance.
From Bastian Brinkmann and Wolfgang Wittl

Bavarian Finance Minister Markus Söder (CSU) jumps at Apple in tax dispute with the EU Commission. He criticized the European Commission’s decision that the company must pay extra taxes amounting to 13 billion euros in Ireland. “Excessive demands with simultaneous termination of the negotiations on the FTA be TTIP trade relations massive burden” Söder said. “We need fair tax rules, but a trade war.”

Germany benefits probably not from Apple’s tax arrears. The European Commission had brought this as a way into the game. Drives a country now more money from iPhone Group A, which reduces the tax payment to Ireland, the EU Commission had informed. The German Apple GmbH seated in Munich, Bavaria is thus of Finance in charge of the case. However, it includes tax payments made after an initial examination. “As things stand, it is unlikely that Germany will have higher tax revenues due to the EU Commission’s decision”, announced the Ministry.

The Apple GmbH According to the Federal Gazette on the “support” of the sale and responsible for marketing. In recent year, the company has made 112.2 million euros in sales. EUR 39.9 million remained as profit. Then paid the Apple GmbH 12.6 million euros to the tax office


why Ireland has no penalty for Apple Conning pay

Suddenly the country is to receive 13 billion euros in taxes more – and want the money not at all. As it is now in the historical tax dispute continues. Questions and Answers Bastian Brinkmann more …

The Apple GmbH has concluded secret agreements with Irish Apple daughters. Such agreements specify how much national offices must pay back to the parent company. The costs reduce the profits of the local society. German tax officials can inspect and determine whether they comply with the laws of these documents.

That’s when Apple in Munich apparently the case, even if the Ministry does not have precise plans to Apple. “The reasonableness of the profit examine the tax authorities under the audit accurately” read only.

Finance Söder has done with his statements on the side of the White House. The US, the EU Commission also clearly criticized. The Apple decision could lead to a tax transfer from the US to Europe, a White House spokesman said. If Apple had to pay extra in Ireland, the company could this payment may deduct from the tax burden in the United States.

There were joint efforts of the US and the Europeans to make international taxation fair, said the spokesman of the Government of Barack Obama continues. These tests would be undermined by “unilateral approaches”. “We have no interest in maintaining an unfair system that negative effects on the European economy has” the spokesman said. “We just want something that’s fair.”

Apple must pay extra billion – now the distribution campaigns

clever corporations simply do not pay taxes. The solution so far. The EU Commission Decision Apple should change the global control system. Comment by Bastian Brinkmann more …


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