Thursday, September 1, 2016

Unister daughter files for bankruptcy – SPIEGEL ONLINE

The bankruptcies around the Leipziger Internet companies Unister go further. Now according to SPIEGEL information and the travel portal is concerned. Today the bankruptcy has been requested. The operative operating the largest Unister subsidiary will, according to previous estimates, however, continue normally, it is from business circles. In addition, the Unister daughters short time way GmbH and RMK GmbH have filed for bankruptcy.

The bankruptcy appeared to strategic reasons primarily. Its aim is to make a sale in the course of a so-called asset deal. What is meant is: The business operations would be transferred to the sale to a new legal entity, contaminated as debt or litigation could be shaken in this way. This should make the portal more attractive to investors. However, this requires a bankruptcy.


The provisional insolvency administrator Lucas Flöther is currently trying to find investors for large parts of the branched Unister Empire. Around 20 potential buyers had registered serious interest, according to Flöther and requested access to the data room. Until last Monday, they had to submit their offers.

Until now subject to six specific proposals from investors, so Flöther. There would also be other offers for smaller consolidated parts. . These would now be examined in consultation with the creditors’ committee, then individual interviews would be conducted with the tenderers

However, Flöther must currently deal with a problem that is likely to reduce the price: Owned Unister companies are to SPIEGEL -Information well over 30 million email addresses of customers who were used by the Unister companies eager for marketing purposes. But Unister GmbH has reportedly more than eleven million e-mail addresses, the low cost providers U-Deals GmbH more than 7.5 million addresses.

In addition to ads on Google were mass email mailings with offers for major distribution channel of Unister. Company founder Thomas Wagner should have it sometimes watched himself. A resale of addresses to new investors is only possible if the customer has given his consent.

Whether and how many customers have agreed, is still under consideration internally. The potential investors have already been informed of Flöther on the delicate topic, they should have made this markdowns contends. “We also run here on discussions with prospective purchasers,” says Flöther.

motion for bias against the three judges

Regardless of the pending sale of provisionally insolvent companies Share plays Unister in criminal proceedings against former CEO on time. On Monday went to SPIEGEL information the competent District Court Leipzig a motion for bias Unister GmbH against three judges of the Trial Chamber 15 a.

Actually, the criminal case should begin in late October, it is inter alia to the accusation of illicit Betreibens of insurance transactions and in the context of tax evasion. Unister throws in a 30-page brief to the judges to ignore evidence orders Unister GmbH as by parties to the proceedings and to grant “access to the file in the original file”.

Also have a period is not extended as required the judges. A spokesman for the regional court says to the latter accusation: “There was a period for consultation as by Participating in the official opinion of the chairman is referred to it that had been seen for an already present comprehensive opinion no grounds for a 6-month extension. . ” A review of the application is not possible currently, says the court spokesman.

Regardless of the outcome of the application of partiality time the process was initiated should be called into question.


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