Friday, August 19, 2016

Works on short-time work: trader laments: “VW can each of us to ruin … – ABC Online

Friday, 08.19.2016, 16:02
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In Conflict between Volkswagen and two suppliers, in the wake of the carmaker even have to shut down production lines, now sign the two suppliers to word. The procedure of VW would jeopardize its existence.

In a statement, the CarTrim GmbH and ES Automobilguss GmbH the allegations of Volkswagen. “We are for the crisis at VW and thus created short-time working is not responsible,” said Alexander Gerstung, Executive Vice President of IT Automobilguss GmbH. The conflict was homemade. “VW shifted their own problems on the supply industry,” says Gerstung

According to the manager, the price demands of VW jeopardize his company. “VW is forcing us to take this approach to our own employees in Lower Saxony and Saxony protect and ultimately ensure the survival of the company “. The carmaker use in this conflict its dominant market position in relation to the supply industry clear from.

dispute over the mid-double-digit millions

reason for the escalation is immediate termination of contracts after presentation of VW refer to the serial delivery. The resulting claims on the part of both companies amount to a mid double-digit euro millions. Since VW refused compensation in the subsequent negotiations, to CarTrim and ES Automobilguss had seen ultimately forced to halt in supplies.

VW had on Friday before the Landgericht Braunschweig, an enforcement order obtained, which allows the Group to confiscate the necessary parts of a bailiff.

“We are in no way interested in a further escalation of the conflict,” Gerstung said. “But the way how VW deals with suppliers, is in no way acceptable and can each smaller operation to ruin propel” said Gerstung. Every business need planning security to sustainably can. Just as jobs could be secured in the long term in Lower Saxony and Germany.

“pursuit as a friendly solution to”

“We are still targeting at an amicable solution with VW and open to proposals. “in the light of recent statements appeal both suppliers to the state government of Lower Saxony, not unilaterally taking sides in the conflict. The country sits with two representatives on the supervisory board.

Prevent DEV GmbH, the parent company of the two suppliers is not involved after their statements to the conflict. Your supplier relations with VW should be trouble-free.

VW Golf GTI Club Sport S in the video


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