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With whom VW has since actually armed? – FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Before the headquarters of Prevent DEV GmbH in Wolfsburg are these days television cameras set up. Journalists waiting for explanations of the suppliers group. But the group that thousands VW workers forcing her delivery stop next week in the forced leave, and as early as next week brings the assembly lines for the VW Golf and the Sportsvan at the main plant of VW in Wolfsburg to a halt, silent iron conflict with Volkswagen.

Carsten Germis Author: Carsten Germis, economics correspondent in Hamburg.

you did not legally connected to the two suppliers car Trim in Plauen and the ES Automobilguss in Saxony Schönheide, it said in a brief press release. “We also have no penetration to the affected companies.” Surprised

. Only in January 2016 and Rolf Hünermann which operates as an advisor of Prevent Group, explained that the Prevent Group – behind a family named Hastor stands, took over the foundry, which it now claims to have no legal relations more <. / p>

who is behind this group trying to force the world’s largest automobile manufacturer in the knee?

Bald 20 years without conflict with VW cooperated

Prevent has the old-established German suppliers as the ES Automobilguss purchased through their founded in June 2014 registered in the Netherlands holding company “Eastern Horizon”. Both companies are only a few months to the group.

With the adoption of the Nice Heidener company the Prevent Group demonstrated explicitly their business idea in order to have expanded their investments “a key component for transmission.” As a supplier for “key instruments” has “Eastern Horizon” a strong position against the groups constructed, which are dependent on its suppliers.

Why the conflict comes with two suppliers now? The wonder in Schönheide, but also in Plauen many after – as the ES Automobilguss – have worked together for almost 20 years without conflict with VW and is not about prices, according to VW and also the supplier to the public do not contradict. ” / p>

been forced to stop delivery

According to unconfirmed rumors should have left the factory halls of Schönweide also up last truck with the components for VW. In Kassel in VW they are apparently not arrived. Alexander Gerstung, a Managing Director of ES Automobilguss says, the two suppliers would have claims in “a middle two-digit euro millions.”

More about

you have been forced to halt in supplies because VW had “compensation” rejected. The two companies are thus but did not prevail in court.

This raises questions. Especially since the Lower Saxony Economics Minister Olaf Lies (SPD) in connection with the delivery stop by the seat cover manufacturer Car Trim, which has brought the Passat production in Emden to a halt, said, “what is happening there, is extortion.”

tracks to Brazil and to Bosnia?

For a price conflict between a trader and a car company that is a choice of words remarkably significant finding. Especially since both suppliers have been obliged by the court injunctions to deliver to Volkswagen, the but – without any justification -. Not fulfill

If the Prevent Group now claims legally nothing to do with the two suppliers to have – and indeed the registered investments have in the commercial register changed since the conflict – the trail leads to Eastern Horizon. Who is it still involved beside the Prevent Group, is difficult to determine.

There should be traces to Brazil and to Bosnia, confirm can not be that, however. The Eastern Horizon is headquartered in Amsterdam and operates officially as a financial holding. In the few months of its existence, it has acquired several strategic suppliers.

Only the takeover, then the problems

Gerstung pointed out in his statement indicated that Prevent is not a party to the conflict , “Car TrimGmbH and ES Automobilguss GmbH are separate companies,” he said. So VW could eventual billion-damage claims not assert against the group, but only against the two suppliers.

It indicated some suggest that the conflict is not yet rooted in the Saxon suppliers. For Volkswagen, the trouble with Prevent – or with the investment company Eastern Horizon – not new

temporarily stop production as early as May 2016 had Fia-tChrysler and VW in Brazil, after the seat manufacturer Keiper had set his deliveries. , Ford and Hyundai to have been affected as well. Keiper also part of the Prevent Group

As with the German companies Keiper was acquired in January 2015 from the group -. And soon the problems started. The Brazilian press has reported about it then great. Prevent other shareholders Kenan Hastor is also Managing Tahoe Investors GmbH, which has invested this year in the kitchen manufacturer Alno.


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