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stopped Golf production: Volkswagen threatens suppliers with bailiffs – Tagesspiegel

The dispute with a supplier grows for Volkswagen from a disaster. Because a trader no longer delivers parts to the assembly lines, the hard rocked by scandal exhaust consolidated more than 20,000 employees will probably have to send in forced leave. For parts of the production line in Wolfsburg, Braunschweig, Kassel and Zwickau short-time work would be examined, said Lower Saxony Economics Minister Olaf Lies on Thursday in the state parliament in Hanover. This was made known at the sites now internally. Details are currently being discussed with the Federal Employment Agency. The short-time working was initially planned for five days.

But in the main factory Wolfsburg the extension of short-time work is expected, according to an insider affect more than 10,000 employees. A VW spokesman said they had the logistics company informed that the production of the important compact model Golf’m resting next week at its headquarters from Monday to Friday. Using quick work is not yet decided. On Thursday 8000 employees of the Passat plant were to VW specifications sent in Emden on forced leave because purchased parts missing.

exhaust affair pushes further gains at Volkswagen

background is a dispute with the Wolfsburg corporate group Prevent. Two daughters of the consortium have set the supply of components to VW. Lies, who represents the country on the VW board, said it was not easy to fully comprehend the background to the dispute with the Prevent Group. Volkswagen itself had stated that background is an escalated dispute over a development and supply agreement with the company of Prevent Group. Yet the information was not sufficient for a final evaluation. However, the previous descriptions could lead to the conclusion that this was an incredible and unjustifiable for him behavior of Prevent.

Volkswagen apparently wants to crack down on the delivery stop. The automotive group is forced to “prepare forcibly enforce the delivery” the, Volkswagen said the “Sueddeutsche Zeitung” with. To this end, will you use all the means that are possible according to the law. “These include fines on administrative detention, seizure, which are applied for through the court”, VW told the “SZ”. At the same time strive to continue to “an amicable agreement”.

However, there are, according to the “SZ” still no evidence of an amicable settlement, although Volkswagen had received in two cases before the Landgericht Braunschweig provisionally law , According to the injunction of the court needed for production at Volkswagen parts need to be delivered, which still would not take place. As the Braunschweig Regional Court of “SZ” announced, VW now has the right to order seizure of the parts to send bailiff.

The bottlenecks made the group on the stock exchange to create: The share lost in a friendly environment temporarily about one per cent, later concluded but unchanged

Extremely sensitive processes


the case shows, according to experts, the devastating effects a delivery stop to the complex production processes for carmakers may have, which provide suppliers directly to the bands. If a part is missing because a supplier fails or locks up, the whole production falters. At VW, it is the lack of seat covers and transmission housing that relate to the Wolfsburg of the Prevent daughters Car Trim and ES Automobilguss.

view of a headquarters of the automotive supplier Prevent in Warmenau at Wolfsburg. The trader will force VW to its knees Photo:. Dpa

Car Trim from the Saxon Plauen for some time to stop receiving seat covers at the Volkswagen subsidiary Sitech who then manufactures the car seats for VW models. Therefore, Volkswagen reported on for the majority of the workforce in Emden short-time working. In the VW plant with a total of approximately 9,000 employees the midrange model Passat running in different versions from the band, including the CC. On average 1250 vehicles per day are produced there. When Landgericht Braunschweig Volkswagen had last week an injunction obtained – the court found, Car Trim had to deliver again. About this decision, the company did, however, ignored, told VW. Prevent Car Trim has adopted only in April. In June had the Chemnitz regional newspaper “Free Press” reports a wave of layoffs in the Saxon company.

It is apparently a failed project

Because another company of this network of companies, the ES Automobilguss GmbH, set the supply of castings for transmission at Volkswagen, now the Kassel plant came under pressure. There may according to VW certain transmission not be made, which in turn parts of the production of golf and Sportsvan in Wolfsburg were affected. Also Zwickau is affected. ES Automobilguss, a long-established supplier company from the Erzgebirge, did not comment. A spokesman said on request, it is obliged because of the dispute with VW to maintain confidentiality. Car Trim was no more of an opinion to achieve as its parent company Prevent.

When Volkswagen in Wolfsburg 20,000 people are employed in vehicle production. More than half would be, according to an insider affected by the planned short-time working. In the largest VW factory for the Golf, Sportsvan, Tiguan and Touran off the line. Analysts fear that the stoppage will also affect the profits of the VW brand, which has already currently carry high loads due to the ongoing reconstruction and gas crisis.

The reason for the conflict with the suppliers, according to the Brunswick Landgericht a failed project. “There are claims asserted, which are derived from another, ultimately failed to materialize history,” said a spokesman. Therefore hold the company back their supplies. The defendant company Car Trim now have the opportunity to appeal the injunction to the Oberlandesgericht. For a more available, in this case against ES Automobilguss, the company had lodged an objection. This case is to be negotiated in late August before the Landgericht Braunschweig. (Reuters, AFP)


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