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US Presidential Election – Hillary Clinton: fear does not make good policy – Sü

First, the Democrat clear that Obama has not established the IS militia – and then throws in her speech before Donald Trump, to care only about the rich. Another message: Free trade is not all bad.

From Matthias Kolb , Washington

Hillary Clinton want to talk about economic policy, but when she in the workshop of “Futuramic tool & Engineering” takes the lectern, determined as always her opponent the headlines. On the eve of Donald Trump, US President Barack Obama had called “the founder of the IS” and this day it repeatedly in interviews. Obama had withdrawn US troops from Iraq and will “Islamic State” worshiped. Appointed by itself

indications that the beginnings of the jihadist militia go to the invasion of the Americans under George W. Bush back ignored Trump. Also that this logic would be the conservative hero Ronald Reagan the founder of al-Qaeda (the argument of Pulitzer Prize winner Joby Warrick), convinced the Republicans do not, “I’m telling you the truth.”

the role of Obama’s Ex-Foreign Minister to Trump also expressed: “I would say, the co-founder is the fraudulent Hillary Clinton.” Before she can describe near Detroit, as she wants to create ten million new jobs, the Democrat via Twitter clear. No, Obama has not established the IS

Surrounded by this loud Getöne leads Clinton now their campaigns and actually it can only be good. The former First Lady fighting for the confidence of voters (about two-thirds consider it dishonest) and by contrast to Trump can profit only.

That she loves details, it has at the party stood and also this speech many topics and more details including (transcript here). Many proposals – investment of 275 billion in infrastructure, more education, more eco-energy -. Are known (read here), but three messages stand out

  • Trumps Anti-globalization message is signs of anxiety. Clinton sets the pessimistic “America stands before sinking” message of Republicans has long been a more positive image counter. In the speech in the US state of Michigan, where many industrial jobs have been lost, the Democrat applies this to the controversial topic free trade: “America is not afraid of competition.”

your challenger stops in front of it, though much talk about trade, but: “. His approach is based only on fear and not on strength” Their message is: Fearing there is no good policy. For those of Olympia owned in Rio Americans draws an interesting comparison: Record Swimmer Michael Phelps and gold gymnast Simone Biles would tremble just in the locker room if they think like Trump

the issue of globalization is tricky for Clinton: Trump broke here with the free trade dogma of Republicans and positioned to the left of the Democrat. In Michigan, they repeated their opposition to the trans-Pacific TPP Agreement (Obama is a big fan), because it was not good enough for US workers: “I’m against it, I will be after the election the other hand, and I will reject it if I’m president. ” But compared with Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders argues: If there is no wage-dumping and jobs are outsourced, the USA globalization need not fear, because their products are in demand worldwide

  • . Trump is all about the rich, not to the workers. In contrast to the globalization argument it falls Clinton lighter that other proposals Trumps (tax rates down, regulations abolish) criticize. The Democrat accuses him that he would be working “for him and his friends” Americans. Trump propose tax relief before, from which it could benefit: “He would pay a lower rate than millions of middle-class families.” At the suggestion of daughter Ivanka Trump wants to promote childcare – but since this should be done in the form of tax write-offs, once again profited only Wealthy

The Democrat wants to introduce the “Buffett Rule”. , after which the boss of a company could not pay less tax than his secretary. Clinton calls it a “myth” that Trump interested for workers. If he wanted to make America great again, then he should leave his ties, suits and furniture manufacture in the US – the Democrats recommend him to their “Make it here” website corresponding companies

  • “. you do not know, I am one of you. ” In Michigan Clinton linked the critique of Trump with her own biography. You fight that not only the rich benefited from the economic recovery, but all. You have very personal reasons: “I am a product of the middle class and the proud granddaughter of a factory worker and the daughter of a businessman.”

The multi-million deals of Bill and Hillary Clinton

the economic balance of Senator Hillary Clinton is patchy and much unappetizing around the family foundation. Focus on fees for speeches of her husband Bill. By Matthias Kolb, Washington more …

repeatedly accusations of small business owners from Las Vegas and New jersey, the Trump had asked for equipping its casinos: the real estate mogul had it too late or not paid in full, because they could not pay court actions , Clinton reported by the company of her father, the textiles printed: “He delivered the goods themselves, and expected that he was paid the same I do not want to imagine what would have happened with Dad and his company if Trump had been his client.. “

the message is clear: I am (or was) one of you, I know the daily work and know the importance of decency and payment behavior

. next foreseeable date in the US election campaign is 26 September: Then Trump and Clinton meet with the first TV debate. Almost everything suggests that Trump will continue to attract the attention of the TV channels up and determine the national headlines. In its position out of the spotlight, Clinton seems very comfortable to feel – in the polls it is for some time significantly forward. But in less than three months nor can much happen

link. Tip: If you want to check the schedules of the candidates in more detail, found on the website of National Public Radio the complete speeches of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton – each with a facts check

That is what the US election campaign

Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump? Who will win the battle for the White House? Here you find all important figures and forecasts for US election – updated. more …


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