Thursday, August 11, 2016

Jim Yong Kim: World Bank employee is sharply critical of their boss – Times Online

World Bank staff practice sharp criticism of its President Jim Yong Kim. There prevails a leadership crisis, which could make the International Financial Institution long irrelevant, according to an open letter to the employee association. Approximately 15,000 employees, the association lamented a lack of transparency in the post cast, weak leadership, internal discontent and a preponderance of the United States.

The World Bank represent the principles of good governance, transparency, diversity, international competition and performance-based funding, according to the letter. “Unfortunately, none of these principles in the selection of the last World Bank president played a role.” Employees complain about “decades of backroom agreements” at the end of one male Americans will be appointed as the new President.

The term of office of the current President Kim ends next year. He has not yet said whether he will run again. One informal arrangements According represent the United States the World Bank president, while Europeans may determine the head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

As the union writes, had revealed the annual survey that only a third of the workforce is clear, “where the management takes us.” No change “threatens the World Bank, the real risk of being an anachronism on the international stage”. Kim had implemented during his tenure internal structural reforms that partially met with employees to review.

The World Bank management rejected the allegations. 2011 are new regulations adopted to performance-related post occupation, and these would be applied in the selection of the future president, said a spokesman.


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