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Pepper spray beside toothpaste: Why dm at once “Animal repellent spray” sold – Tagesspiegel

At the bottom of the shelf the “Animal repellent spray” is placed next to the tasting sizes of detergent, shower gel and toothpaste, “Pepper KO Fog”, 40 milliliters of 5.59 euros. But hardly one of the customers is to stoop to the small can in order to be prepared against the big bad wolf. The term “Animal repellent spray” makes only the free sale possible because actually contains the can: pepper spray, which is often used for self-defense – and there are a few weeks ago to buy in the drugstore chain dm.

There had been “many inquiries from customers” who “wanted to buy in the usual shopping around” the spray explains dm CEO Sebastian Bayer. “We have checked this and decided to record the animal repellent spray in our offer.” Since June 23 already since May 9 it is available in the dm-markets, the online shop. The response from customers was “overwhelmingly positive,” said Bayer. And the saleswoman in a DM-branch in Berlin reported that the spray “sold very well”, “in recent weeks”. Bayer will not specifically comment on whether the demand has to do with the attacks in Cologne’s Eve or the recent attacks in Munich, Ansbach and Würzburg. It merely refers to the demand of customers who apparently reflects a well-established need for security. But pepper spray is actually correct, especially licit means to the defense?

For pepper spray you need a special permit

The manufacturer even knows about the fine line. “Pepper sprays may only be used in the present special permits, such as the police and the military,” says on the packaging. “This pepper spray is intended for animal defense.” But “in a self-defense situation, it is for the assessment of the person concerned to defend itself by appropriate means”. The self-defense must be “proportionate”, “but can also not appropriate means such as pepper spray, done.” Is on the can, the spray was indeed provided to animals, but “it acts as persuasive to people”. For this, however, the agent is not authorized in Germany.

The competition horrified responding

Taking DM competitor Rossmann given the large demand for and also takes “Animal repellent spray” in the assortment on? “No,” says an Appeal: “A pepper spray is basically a human repellent spray”. He was surprised that DM, which underline its anthroposophic corporate philosophy, such a spray sell. “We are a drugstore. We have no batons, no guns and no pepper spray, such products, we prefer to leave the retailers, “says Rossmann spokesman.

Since it includes back, says Ingo Meinhard, Managing Director of the Association of German gunsmiths and arms dealers. He finds it questionable, Animal repellent spray for sale in the drugstore. For self-defense such as pepper spray to use it properly, one must be well-advised, “otherwise fogs you look at the end yet even so a”. The dealer may notice an increased demand for resources such as pepper spray since autumn, 2015. After New Year’s Eve and the recent attacks in Bavaria had increased them again – in women as in men. However, concrete sales figures not called Meinhard.
Not only at the drugstore, but also on platforms in the nets as Amazon or in online shops like the hunting outfitter Frankonia are “animal defense sprays” to order. Some targets with pink optics or in the form of lipsticks obviously aware from women as buyers.

Use one may be only from 14

Whether the sprays actually bought the spray not only frequent, but also more widely used, is not known at the Berlin police. Given no statistics being waged, a spokesman said on request. He, moreover, once the legal distinction between spray gas devices and animal repellent sprays significantly. Reizstoffsprühgeräte as tear gas sprays were earmarked to “eliminate or reduce the attack and defense ability of people”. These devices need to be approved and marked and should only be used from the age of 14. Reizstoffsprühgeräte without approval mark in contrast are prohibited weapons. So
animal repellent sprays are then also “intended for the defense of animals,” here will pepper used as an active ingredient. Error marking as an animal repellent spray, it was stated that such a spray likewise prohibited weapons. “In principle, the use of animal defense sprays is not recommended for use against people determined and therefore not allowed,” said the police spokesman. In case of self-defense would have to use “be checked in individual cases”.

The police does not recommend the armament from

However, the police rate “principle of a protective armament from”. “An armed conveys a false sense of security and changed the personal perception,” the spokesman explained. Where de-escalating measures could be taken as example, to switch the side of the road to establish distance, to call for help or consult passersby, “can be achieved by arming the opposite effect and a higher power level to be provoked at worst”. The
drugstore chain DM is the “Animal repellent spray” business previously satisfied. A further increase of the range to other brands is currently not planned, says CEO Bayer, “but if we encounter suitable products, we consider this happy.”


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