Sunday, August 21, 2016

Internal report: BER-start 2017 only theoretically possible? – NEWS



 Sunday, 21 August 2016


 Will capital airport end of next year to the grid, the construction must be completed by January. This is not realistic, writes a newspaper, citing an internal document. The airport company contradicts.



The frequently asked in view and then delayed opening of the new Capital Airport remains a perennial favorite. An internal report makes now again for unrest. As the “Bild am Sonntag” writes citing internal audit report, it is for the opening of the airport in 2017, only a theoretical chance.

As a condition for opening would have under the applicable framework schedule, construction work until January next year to be completed. But here was facing a delay. The test report of 22 July, a “structural completion” only “in April 2017 with a tendency in the 2-3. Quarter 2017″ from. In order to obtain a release from the building authority, would stand at present, just under 73 million euros are installed. At a constant pace of work, the passenger terminal was completed until the end of 2017, according to the newspaper article.

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In a statement of the airport company FBB this, it means that the cited internal test paper of the so-called site supervision was not “verified”. The author of the paper have not subcontracted the complete overview of the work on the BER and did not have the last stand of the framework schedule for commissioning, stressed the FBB. The report spiegle therefore not the position of the airport company resist.

The Secretary-General of the Berlin CDU, Kai Wegner, called the Mayor Michael Müller (SPD) in his capacity as chairman of the board FBB on to take a position. Overlooking the federal election on 18 September Wegner wrote in a note: “Instead dive and try to save on the election day, Miller must provide clarity.” This had the expectations of a supervisory board nor satisfied as his predecessor Klaus Wowereit and Platzeck (both SPD).

Yet on 18 July BER Chef Karsten Mühlenfeld had certainly shown holding the end of 2017 the opening date to. In recent weeks there has been the construction of the airport at several portions “great progress,” he said. This also included the smoke removal system, which had always taken care of setbacks. Officially Mühlenfeld will determine in October on a opening date – ie after the Berlin House of Representatives election




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