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Armed with VW: delivery stop could have been avoided – SPIEGEL ONLINE

On Monday the tapes Golf production in the Volkswagen plant in Wolfsburg stand still. The carmaker could bring the high losses. Basic is a bitter dispute with two suppliers, which is even a matter of who wanted to negotiate and when.

The recent discussions of the Company lasted into the night Saturday into. Then an adjournment was in agreement was decided by Monday, said a Volkswagen spokesman. Already it looks Alexander Gerstung, managing supplier ES Automobilguss, according to “Bild am Sonntag” different.

A delivery stop could have been prevented at the last minute, he told the newspaper. On Friday night they had offered to negotiate further on the weekend, “the cow to get the ice.” The VW negotiators had but had no interest loud “BamS”. “We are for the crisis at VW and thus created short-time working is not responsible,” Gerstung had announced on Friday.

The resident in Saxony company Car Trim and ES Automobilguss, both of which belong to the group of Prevent have, suspended the supply of seat covers and transmission parts to Volkswagen. Reason is a timely and groundless termination of contracts by VW, Gerstung shared also with. Volkswagen failed to grant him compensation for the dismissals. “CarTrim and ES Automobilguss saw ultimately forced to halt in supplies,” it says in any case in the release.

The reason for the termination of Car Trim were noisy “Bild am Sonntag” alleged shortcomings in the quality leather upholstery for the Touareg and the Porsche Cayenne was, VW have this communicated on 28 June by fax. The order volume of a notice period of two days terminated contract amounted to 500 million euros. The trader now asking 50 million euro reimbursement. Volkswagen, however, refused to pay.

According to “Süddeutsche Zeitung” is Car Trim relinquishing part of the demands on IT Automobilguss, so that this company can make claims against Volkswagen contends. Overall, it is about 58 million euros, the SZ reports on Sunday, holding a terminated by Volkswagen and subsidiary Porsche development cooperation with Car Trim for the trigger. . The Volkswagen spokesman called on Sunday no details, the demands of the suppliers designated but as “absolutely unacceptable”

The impact of the dispute on Volkswagen are immense:

  • Because Volkswagen can not finish building without gas supply in Kassel transmission, is exposed on Monday with the start of the morning shift production of the golf at the main plant in Wolfsburg. The production stoppage lasts, according to the spokesman for the entire week.
  • Also in Zwickau rests the Golf production.
  • In addition falter on certain work on car components in Braunschweig and Salzgitter.
  • In total, over 20,000 VW employees have been affected, are unable to work as normal, said a VW spokesman.
  • The lack of seat covers has already performed at the Volkswagen Emden plant, where the Passat is built for 7,000 workers to short-time working. This runs according to the speaker still until Wednesday.
  • For the other sites was still being dealt, will how to deal with the precipitating layers. . Also conceivable is about a reduction of overtime

An overview of the VW production locations can be found here:

Click you source for more information on the circles

:. Handelsblatt, VW Navigator

there when Volkswagen Group of “desire, a result to achieve through negotiations, “a spokesman said on Sunday. Nevertheless, even the legal process should be pursued. The group has already asked the Landgericht Braunschweig several requests to arrange with continued refusal fines on administrative detention or “authorization to substitute performance”. The latter could lead to seizure of parts needed. The court has already upheld the.

ES Automobilguss mused court opposition to the available one. Car Trim can still appeal to the Court of Appeal. However, Gerstung said that one is interested in an agreement. “We are still targeting an amicable solution with VW and are open to proposals.”

Lower Saxony Economics Minister Olaf Lies (SPD) told the radio station NDR Info, nor was the conflict with the suppliers in a phase , “where we can react with the start of the short-time working in Emden and the threat of short-time working in other locations.” But if the dispute hinziehe long, “I really like about the impact that the, not even think about it. I am still not clear how we want to be for life.”

industry insiders According proceeds it in fact something else: Because the exhaust affair VW currently trying to keep costs down and knock out lower prices from its suppliers, insiders say. Prevent now defends itself obviously against. Prevent feels loud “BamS” as a scapegoat and believed. Because of massive sales problems in golf, which is said to have caused a decline of 28 percent in July compared to the same month last year, Volkswagen was looking for an excuse to stop production

planned downtime in the Golf production from 4th to 7th October and from December 19 to 22 had the “image” previously reported. Volkswagen stressed that it was a result of the general production plan for the fourth quarter – the days subject moreover in the autumn holiday and just before Christmas. The decisive factor is always the load over the full year. So you’ve been through produces about in the summer plant shutdowns due to good demand.

Around these parts, it is the VW supplier dispute

transmission parts

 VW confirms that it comes to transmission parts in one of the two suppliers, more detail does not name the car maker. The ES Automobilguss from Saxony specializes in the differential housing said castings and has recently invested specially for VW in manufacturing. The part encloses the differential gear. This compensates different wheel speeds of driven axles at which approximately arise that during cornering the outside wheel must travel a longer distance than the inner. Industry insiders believe that the company has received several thousand of housing per day, more than 1.5 million pieces per year. The turnover of the company was in 2014 at around 55 million euros.

Seat Covers

 The company Car Trim provides a VW subsidiary named Sitech . This 100 percent subsidiary in turn provides seats forth for VW models and is presumably part of remuneration or even complete seat covers from the supplier. The injunction of the Landgericht Braunschweig against the producers showed it comes to upholstery parts. It is still unclear what the are accurate.

More about the trouble with the trader


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