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News: Ikea tilts unlimited Exchange Policy – SPIEGEL ONLINE

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Do you remember? Two years ago, the Swedish furniture store Ikea its customers has a unlimited time Return policy acknowledged. If one bought the sofa, the table lamp or the stools no longer liked, could I exchange. No questions, no funny business. That would not work, observers was clear from the outset. Now also provides a Ikea that such rampant grace is beyond price.

From September 1 customers have when shopping only one year time to return goods without giving any reasons and to obtain reimbursement of the purchase price. The period of 365 days lying still above the usual industry and give the customer security against faulty purchases, the company said on Germany-headquarters in Hofheim near Frankfurt.

want with high cost managers to step but do not know well founded. More than 90 percent of the returns would find in the first two to three months after purchase instead. . Customers would therefore no need for an unlimited return

And so goes the “morning” again end . But it is worthwhile, even during the day time to time in SPIEGEL ONLINE drop by. In the sport of course are the Olympic Games at the center, as well as the gleanings of the first Champions League matches . During the morning the police will pass on investigation results for arrest of dealer , which supplied the Munich gunman. And that policy-department deals with recent developments in the Turkey and Syria Conflict .

I say goodbye and I wish you a successful day.

The controversial dispatcher mediator Who defends is strong against <> new regulatory provisions in London that his force could driver to comprehensive language test . Uber will proceed legally against the planned for October reforming the transport authority Transport for London, said the head of the company in the British capital, Tom Elvidge. Originally Uber had the new rules supported -. But after more details have been announced, the company changed its mind

Coming Soon to weather. Overall, the day begins friendly. In the extreme south is with individual showers, afternoon to also expect thunderstorms. Temperatures range from 19 24 degrees, in the southwest 23 to 29 degrees. More with this link. Smartphone users click better here.

Under-21 coach Horst Hrubesch quarrels with the restraint professional clubs against Olympia . The Nomination of the players for an Olympic tournament must “ be easier . If you qualify, should best go there,” said the European champion of 1980, the “Sport Bild”. Hrubesch had to fight before the Games in Rio de Janeiro with some cancellations. He repeated his demand for a Required to terminate of players. “It’s a start,” he said. “But I see it yes on this team: The players come into the midst of the preparations, had little match practice, and we were able to train before leaving for Brazil and a half times..”

In the Turkey are in response to the failed coup another 2000 police officers dismiss , In addition, hundreds of military personnel and employees were dismissed from the Department of Communications Technology of their posts. The casualty is accused of Relationships on the living in the US preacher Fethullah Gülen to entertain, which puts the satisfaction of the government behind the coup attempt in July.

By earlier decrees thousands security force members have been dismissed. Many schools and other institutions, which links to Gülen said to have been closed. After the coup, tens of thousands of people were arrested. Due to the congestion of prisons announced Justice Minister Bekir Bozdag, approximately 38,000 prisoners on parole release.

40 For the US gymnast Simone Biles , which has secured at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro four gold, is also a Another dream come true. it has its swarm Zac Efron hit “Call me now by ever woman Efron” , she wrote on Twitter a photo that shows, like her a kiss expresses the actor on the cheek

Calvin Harris -. This Is what you Came for ( Official video) ft. Rihanna

“Forbes” has once again a ranking of Bestverdienern updated. This time, the DJs. First place the Scot Calvin Harris ended up with an estimated $ 63 million in revenue this year alone. Second place was born in Holland Tiësto (38 million). Number three is David Guetta (France) with 28 million. The leaf bases its estimate on the tax bills.

And what earns you so much money? here comes an example:

600 inhabitants of the small town Shishmaref in Alaska are faced with a weighty decision. You have tune , whether they are new build their village elsewhere want it. Because of the rising sea is already foreseeable that the houses will be under water soon. The result of the vote is expected on Wednesday (Orstzeit).

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The legendary Riviera casino on the Las Vegas Strip is now permanently history . On the night of the last tower of the closed since May 2015 hotel and casino complex was blown up.

right-wing Polish government has a bill agreed that those with up to three years in prison under threat that are associated with Auschwitz or other concentration camps terms like ” “. use

After his retirement from international Lukas Podolski expected a problem for coach Joachim Loew:” a Podolski there only once, “he said ironically to the question of the” Bild “newspaper, who came as a successor for him in question.

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