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Furniture chain – Ikea sweeps eternal right of return – Sü

  • In the summer of 2014 promised Ikea that customers can exchange products indefinitely. Now, the group emphasizes that possibility.
  • The Group abolishing forever guarantee the grounds that customers they have hardly been used.

Ikea duzt its customers, and so was the message two years ago: Our furniture is as good and thus keep long – we will offer you that you can exchange them for ever. You will not need it anyway. Usually only a few customers take such offers to complete, but the marketing effect takes all potential Ikea shoppers. The costs in practice are therefore relatively small advertising advantage large. This is the economic logic behind such offers.

But eternity is at Ikea now already over. The furniture retailer takes his perpetual right to return back. Customers have from 1 September, only one year to return goods without giving any reasons and to obtain reimbursement of the purchase price. The everlasting Buyer stood still shakier legs than some Ikea cabinets


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Ikea justified his decision by saying that as the right of return in Germany with a global Ikea Directive will harmonize. The future period of one year lies still above the industry average, says the dealer.

Ikea will have also learned in the two years that customers do not want to change, for example, eight years something. “We have found that our customers have no need for such a long time,” says the charge at Ikea Germany for customer satisfaction manager Klaus Cholewa the German Press Agency. “Well over 90 percent of the customers who want to exchange an item, come in the first two to three months after purchase,” he says. And: “We must therefore hold no processes for something that is not needed.” The project has therefore apparently not paid off in the favor of Ikea despite advertising effect.

From Abuse of the offer by customer Cholewa do not want to talk. Also additional costs incurred if he could not quantify. “At the beginning there had been individual cases in which customers have returned goods that had apparently lain for years in the cellar. It was the unlimited return usually only for goods that had been purchased as of August 25, 2014. We did not then surely communicated clearly enough, “he says.

As expected, there were, according to the company a few customers who dragged a sofa back to the furniture retailer. “The most common items are returned in a value of just over 10 euros -. So mostly impulse buys that then but did not like at home With sofas or kitchens, we have far fewer cases,” said Cholewa. Still in original packaging goods go at Ikea back on sale. The rest are offered depending on the state in the repositories of the department stores, donated to social projects or recycled. . The latter is especially true for used mattresses

Not only at Ikea is geduzt – read with SZ plus:

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