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Ikea – Ikea embarrassed by new rules – Sü

The furniture chain takes back her Lifelong Exchange Vows. Customers are outraged.

It’s about much more than merely an exchange. The furniture store Ikea wants “you to be happy”. At least that explains the customer on its website the rules for the return of furniture, boxes, dishes – “we’ll refund the full purchase amount valid for all purchases from 25.08.2014..” On this day two years ago, Ikea announced namely a lifelong right of return for nearly the entire site. But so far, this idea has made everyone more unhappy, especially the group itself. Now Ikea has reduced the conversion time again, to twelve months.

One wants to introduce in all stores worldwide this same exchange period, says Ikea the step in a press release. In addition, the company had noted that “almost all returns (over 90 percent) vonstattengehen in the first 90 days after purchase.” A lifelong right of return so do not need the most customers. On his Facebook page reaping Ikea for over anyway ridicule and furious comments. A man writes: “. Wow, awesome you have after 2 years found that no one wants to give back his bed after 10 years Do you notice yourself ne IKEA?”

appeal to “common sense”

Actually, the furniture store had intended to create his lifelong goodwill trust. “Furniture is that by which you live, what you sleep,” says a company spokeswoman: Customers should try first if the new plug-shelf or side table suits them. Return policy had always Ikea philosophy. Two years ago the gesture then could not be large enough: “We do not now on a time limit, and also used items can always be returned,” said an Ikea spokesman. In furniture catalog was then: “Do you like an article that you bought at Ikea, gone, just bring him back upon presentation of the invoice or receipt.” But the clientele is not allowed unfortunately to be told twice.

The announcement of the company have triggered a “hype” in the fall of 2014, says a spokeswoman. Suddenly customers were with their sagging sofas and threadbare cabinets that they no longer made happy in front of the furniture stores. In October the Germany boss Peter Betzel then spoke a word of power. The redemption promise does not apply to old, worn furniture. But the “common sense” make that clear. Who was satisfied with his kitchen for years, this could not simply come Change: “The business model does not hold even Ikea from.” Furthermore lifelong law applies only to goods that have been purchased since August – and not retroactively for the entire Swedish interiors. The press reacted annoyed. “Ikea takes back his promise of happiness,” wrote the world , and the Handelsblatt quoted a customer: “As some of you have lied to us clean.”

Here Ikea could legally no obligation, sold at checkout to redeem intact furniture again. Stores in Germany are bound only to the exchange, if the goods have defects or broken. And even getting clients do not automatically get their money back. Traders can repair the product or exchanged for another. Every other concessions would be voluntary.

An exception since July, the new rules for the return of electronic waste. Even Ikea must now accept defective kitchen appliances and light bulbs and discard. This week accused the club Umwelthilfe before the furniture store, not properly comply with this obligation and to inform customers badly. Ikea admitted teething problems and the failure of an employee.

In the age of online trading customers have become accustomed to a completely different service. “Driven by the strong competition of online trading”: – Here applies a legal right to exchange 14 days as well as for purchases made at the door or at major trade fairs, “put in a carefree mood” customers, the Board of Verbraucherzentrale Hamburg, Michael Knobloch says he says, but are now many shops have become more accommodating.

One can only hope that the furniture store now better his renunciation of the lifelong Exchange communicates. Because if the company now educating customers not significantly higher than the changed time, already threatens the next disaster: Then people could force the withdrawal at an advanced age – if they prove that they were lured on your purchase with false promises


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