Saturday, August 13, 2016

Attacks in Thailand: Change and Cancellation: To react … – ABC Online

Saturday, 08.13.2016, 09:48
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After series of bomb attacks in Thailand, have been killed by at least four people and injured among other three German the Browsing, after the bombers at full speed. Even tour operators responding to the series of bombings.

Because of the series of bombings in Thailand there are major German tour operators accommodating. TUI, Thomas Cook and DER Touristik informed on Friday they would offer customers who are in the Southeast Asian country immediately before their departure, to Monday complimentary changes and cancellations on.

This sign of goodwill, however, does not apply in TUI for travelers who only made a stopover at the international airport of Bangkok during the flight to another destination, the group said in Hanover.

Foreign Office advises caution

holidaymakers who on wanted to own desire to return to Germany prematurely TUI was “assist in the organization”. The own customers in Thailand and standing before their arrival tourists would be informed “active” on the situation. The travel group supervised by its own account in Thailand currently has about 2,000 guests.

Thomas Cook said in Oberursel, the journey leads contacted spot currently around 1,500 private German tourists and informed them about the current situation. The Foreign Office advise extreme caution and suggest to avoid crowds and public spaces, had its Safety but not fundamentally altered.

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A few tourists currently emphasized in Thailand

tHE who own tourist programs in Thailand ran “in full” on. the company am in constant contact with all relevant authorities and inform the own guests immediately of changes in position.

In Thailand at least four people have been since Thursday night in a series of bomb blasts killed and dozens more injured, including some tourists from Germany. According to police exploded within a few hours at least eleven bombs in five provinces. the objectives included, inter alia, the seaside resort of Hua Hin and the leisure island Phuket.

the number of foreign tourists in Thailand, according to industry sources, currently relatively low because there rainy season. Peak tourist season is the cooler and drier period between December and March said a spokeswoman for the German Travel Association (DRV) in Berlin.

Popular Destination Deutsche

As a tourist destination for German tourists is the Asian country a total of medium importance. As the DRV spokeswoman announced, citing figures from the Thai Tourist Office, the number of German tourists swayed there in recent years to the brand to 700,000.

for the German-Thai tourism did not reach the dimensions of the main tourist movements towards the Mediterranean, the favorite region German traveler by far. Alone, the number of German tourists in Spain was in 2015, according to DRV at about ten million.

Thailand surpasses but in the popularity of other well-known long-haul destinations such as the Dominican Republic. Thither it drew last year 250,000 tourists. After Egypt, also a typical winter destination, according to DRV traveled more than a million German

In the video:. Bomb Serie shaken Thailand

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