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Lufthansa: No strike: pilots break conversations from – WirtschaftsWoche

Good progress Lufthansa and the pilots’ union VC had attested in their long negotiations. Now, however, there suddenly silence.

In the trade dispute with Lufthansa, the company and the pilots’ union VC who dropped out of talks inconclusive. Air travelers would currently but fear no strikes, a spokesman for the Vereinigung Cockpit (VC) said Saturday the German Press Agency. It had traded at preliminary talks and not to collective bargaining. The VC stand by its offer to keep Lufthansa competitive with concessions. A spokesman for the airline made it clear that Lufthansa was ready for further talks.

Both sides had “last in many respects closer, but then in some questions again apart,” said Lufthansa spokesman , “Lufthansa is still convinced that an agreement is possible, and will make every effort to resume talks with the Vereinigung Cockpit again.”

In an internal letter of VC-tariff Commission, which was present to the dpa, they said, however, that there would be no further talks. It was “first a hopeful rapprochement between us and the Lufthansa management” given. but now should be noted that “we in further talks can recognize no sense. (…) Whether the Lufthansa Group will be successful when each region pursuing only its own interests, and these are not centrally consolidated, is more than questionable. “

pilot strike at Lufthansa

  • 02. until 04 April 2014

    With a three-day strike put pilots Lufthansa lame practical. . Sharpest walkout the company’s history, about 3,800 flight cancellations, 425,000 passengers are affected

  • 29th Soon

    strike at Lufthansa subsidiary German Wings. . There are 116 flights from 15,000 passengers get the episodes feel

  • 05th September

    pilots strike against short- and medium-haul flights Lufthansa from Frankfurt. . More than 200 flights and 25,000 passengers affected

  • 10. September

    The pilots’ union strike at the Munich hub. . 140 flights fall out, more than 15,000 passengers have disadvantages

  • 30th September

    Cockpit strike long-haul flights at the Frankfurt hub. . 50 flights are canceled, 20,000 passengers hits it

  • 08th October

    Now the strike target is the freight subsidiary Lufthansa Cargo. The two-day walkout has according to the company but little effect

  • .

  • 16th October

    German Wings is on strike across Germany. . Balance: 100 flights do not take place, it hits 13,000 passengers

  • 20 s. October

    A strike on the short and medium distances is a day later extended to the long haul. . Lufthansa sweeps on both days more than 1,500 flights, 166,000 passengers lose out

  • 01. until December 02.

    Germany Next strike hits 1350 flights and 150,000 passengers.

  • 04th December

    strike on long-haul and cargo planes of Lufthansa, 60 flights canceled, affected 12,000 passengers.

  • 12th until February 13, 2015

    Two-day strike at German Wings. There are deleted 338 flights. . It is true about 30,000 passengers

  • 18th to 20 March

    strike call in stages. On the first day are short- and medium-haul flights Lufthansa around 80,000 passengers affected, on the second day 18,000 passengers on long-haul and cargo flights. . On the third day again medium and long haul flights

  • 06th July

    The pilot explained that began in May conciliation failed. Three weeks later, they offer the consolidated savings of more than EUR 400 million to prevent the relocation of jobs. they do not want strikes initially

  • .

    05th Soon

    Lufthansa CEO Spohr evaluate the proposals of the union positive, the two camps seem to approach.

  • 02. September

    the talks have failed for the pilots union. . Strikes are again possible

  • 08th September

    The Lufthansa pilots meet again in the strike. Affected are initially all long-haul flights from Germany. In addition, all departures of Lufthansa Cargo from Germany are on strike. . In the evening, the pilots’ union VC announces an extension of the strike to

  • 09 , September

    This time is on strike by the pilots and the short- and medium-haul traffic. Here, the number of machines is much higher than in intercontinental traffic.

For several weeks had Cockpit and Lufthansa negotiated behind closed doors. It was about issues such as the transition supply of 5,400 pilots at Lufthansa, Lufthansa Cargo and German Wings in the Group collective agreement, salaries and job security in times of cheap offers. One of the main points of contention was the transition supply of aircraft handlebar. Lufthansa wanted to achieve that pilots go later than currently in early retirement. Until now, the early retirement with 60 percent of the basic salary in the individual case already with 55 years possible if all new entrants early retirees have a combined average age of 58 years.

airport strike illegal – pilots union must pay

  • “1.5″

    What was in the case?

    to compensation payments of more than nine million euros, Lufthansa, Air Berlin and Fraport. And to the question if and when trade unions liable for strike episodes at a wage dispute. Impact the decision of the federal judge, after assessment of labor rights activists also have labor disputes other unions that are performed during the collective bargaining rounds annually for hundreds of thousands of workers. The risk of strike of the unions climb, because the violation of the peace obligation may make illegitimate the entire labor dispute at a single strike demands for the judgment already. And. Only in unlawful strikes is entitled to damages

  • What was the occasion for the millions suit both Airlines and Fraport?

    It was about a multi-day strike, which the union of air traffic control, the so-called apron controllers at Frankfurt airport during a labor dispute in February 2012 had called. Due to strike then 1668 flights have failed, about 70 to 80 percent of air traffic ran according to the applicants, despite the labor dispute. The applicants assessed the strike as illegal.

  • What did the federal judge now decided ?

    in contrast to the two previous instances in Hesse they gave the damages of Fraport held as directly affected by the strike companies. For Fraport, it is, according to a company spokesperson to a loss of about 5.2 million euros. The exact amount must now define the Hessian Regional Labour Court. GdF boss Matthias Maas looks despite the impending payments not endanger the existence of the small union. “It is the union of air navigation enter,” he said in Erfurt.

  • and the Airlines?

    Lufthansa and Air Berlin were left empty. Your claim for compensation, at Lufthansa were nearly 3.9 million euros, Air Berlin 131 000 euro, had no success. Already in 2015, the Federal Labour Court – then the example of a GdF Strikes at Stuttgart Airport – decided that trade unions do not have to be liable for the consequential costs not directly strike-company

  • Why is the talk of a fundamental decision to strike?

    the first Senate with BAG President Ingrid Schmidt made it clear that even a violation in Friedensplicht a strike is legally questioned. Thus the Senate precipitated a fundamental decision with which he highly rated the importance of the peace obligation in strikes than the courts. Individual claims of GdF could not be made to strike subject according BAG, because they are still locked in until the end of 2017 in the collective agreement. In a discussion of GdF lawyers that it was only ancillary claims for health, Schmidt did not let a. “Who evaluates the weight of debts,” she said.

  • What does the peace obligation in labor disputes?

    It prohibits strikes during the term of collective agreements. The principle is what is regulated by contract, may not be the subject of labor disputes. Usually run after the termination of collective agreements the deadlines by the peace obligation ends. Previously can be negotiated, but not on strike. In the collective agreement, which is received by the GdF strike, there was a special feature: Part of the regulations was canceled, others had a longer duration and persisted

  • The right to strike is considered as case law – why actually

    strikes as a means in wage disputes are guaranteed by the basic law. Unlike in other areas of everyday work – for example, in working hours – there are few legal requirements. The Bonner labor lawyer Gregor Thüsing says: “. The rules make the dishes”

Lufthansa had the rules to unilaterally terminated at the end of the year, 2013. The conflict escalated thereafter. The wage agreement is open since spring 2012 Design. Lufthansa pilots had 13 times temporarily stopped work in the conflict until the last late summer. A ruling by the Landesarbeitsgericht Hessen of being last pilot strike was on September 9 has been canceled at Lufthansa.

The court ruled, have the union with their strike pursues objectives that could be not achieved when negotiating collective agreements. It was about criticism of the cost concept at Lufthansa subsidiary Euro Wings.


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