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Pressure on Trump grows: Clinton released tax returns – NEWS



 Friday, 12 August 2016


 Good $ 10,000,000 have Hillary Clinton and her husband Bill earned last year and paid as taxes. The publication of the tax return brings Donald Trump in a tight spot, because he refuses to disclose.



With the release of their tax returns, the US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has stepped up the pressure on their rivals Donald Trump, who denies this practice. According to the published Clinton’s site tax return for the 2015 Democrat and her husband Bill Clinton took a combined $ 10.6 million (9.5 million euros). They paid according to the document on this income taxes in the amount of 3.6 million dollars. This corresponds to a tax rate of 34 percent. The income tax rates in the US range from ten to 39.6 percent.

In the US, it is customary that the presidential candidates publish their tax returns, as was before the last nine elections. Trump rejects this with the argument from that with him for several years run a control test. Clinton spokeswoman Jennifer Palmieri accused the Republicans behind “false excuses” to hide and breaking earlier promises that he would make his tax returns public. “What did he have to hide?” Asked Palmieri in a parallel distributed for publication of Clinton’s tax return statement.

“Forbes” estimates Trumps assets to $ 4.6 billion

Trump had the electoral authority FEC in May sent a document to its financial ratios. He has stated that he considers this document to be sufficient. However, this includes only a rough estimate of his assets and his income. In this document, the real estate mogul estimated his fortune at more than ten billion dollars. But this can not be checked against independent sources. The magazine “Forbes” estimates Trumps fortune to 4.6 billion dollars.

The Democrats speculate that the building tycoon retains his tax return, because it may be less assets than led by him, because he might little or no tax is charged or because he donates some to charity. The Clintons have published all their tax returns since 1977th In their declaration in 2015 shows that the main source of income of the couple were the speech performances of the former president. He deserved, 5.2 million dollars.

upper hand against Trump

More about

Hillary Clinton, who earlier earned himself as a speaker much money, according to the presented document their paid speaking appearances in April, 2015. For her latest book she received, according to the tax return of her publisher a payment of three million dollars. The Clintons donated thus one million US dollars to the Foundation named after them.

During the campaign, Clinton has recently gained significantly against Trump the upper hand. The poll numbers of right-wing populists are bagged. With a series extremely provocative statements in quick succession he has harmed himself, many prominent members of his own party refused Trump demonstrative support for his candidacy.



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