Saturday, August 20, 2016

Armed with suppliers: delivery stop cost Volkswagen 100 million euros per week – ABC Online

Updated Saturday, 08.20.2016, 16:18
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Volkswagen -Stammwerk Wolfsburg are built on Monday for a week no golf cars more. A financial disaster for the carmaker, as analysts of the Swiss bank USB have now calculated. Accordingly, the delivery stop VW will cost 100 million euros per week.

The unprecedented showdown between Europe’s biggest carmaker Volkswagen and two small suppliers continues. The dispute threatens large parts of the production to be paralyzed.

A dispute with two suppliers for transmission parts and seat covers Volkswagen has forced on Saturday to stop production at its main model Golf. In Wolfsburg parent plant areas have been exposed in preparation for the production, the corresponding logistics calm already reported a company spokesman. “Layers fall away then from Monday.” In Zwickau mounting the Golf and Passat is the beginning of the week is also shut down.

In a notice to employees in Wolfsburg it was said, would for affected workers including in assembly, body shop, paint and stamping plant in agreement with the works short work checked. VW is considering this for the locations Braunschweig, Zwickau and Kassel. In Passat plant in Emden already for 7500 employees working hours were logged. The tapes of manufactured in Wolfsburg Tiguan and Touran run against it on.

Golf does not run to Saturday from tape

reason for the forced break is a delivery stop of the partner companies ES Automobilguss and Car Trim from Saxony. “We are still working on an agreement”, said VW. The company had announced to exhaust all legal possibilities to obtain the necessary parts. The suppliers rejected a responsibility they gave VW to blame for the development. It should go to terminated contracts.

The production stop in golf is to apply, according to VW initially up to next Saturday (August 27). Whether possibly beyond layers would have to be deleted, is not yet clear and would depend on the progress of the talks with suppliers.

production stop to VW 100 million euros per week cost

Already a production stop from Monday to Saturday would stand the carmaker expensive. The analysts have the Swiss bank UBS estimated in a study of how the online edition of the “World” reported. Accordingly, a shutdown of the Golf production alone in Wolfsburg would cost 100 million euros per week gross. In VW major work to then run weekly 17,000 Golf off the line.

So far, there were a rough estimate, the report said, as the delivery stop probably does not lead to a failure of the entire production. In addition, its effect from other works not considered. Use the short-time work could Volkswagen mitigate the costs, analysts say loudly “world”. With successful actions for damages, the carmaker also lost profits could be recovered.

Volkswagen wants unwanted portions pinch seize

Meanwhile, VW wants to use all available means in order to get the missing pieces. The Landgericht Braunschweig stressed on Friday that VW have already obtained all the necessary conditions for issue of missing parts. The group announced to exhaust all legal options to push through one end of the delivery stops at external partners.

At the end of the bailiff could bring to Not with the police in tow the much needed parts from suppliers. The carmaker was forced to “prepare the forcible enforcement of supply, with the our disposal statutory funds. These include fines on administrative detention, seizure, be requested through the court,” said a VW spokesman on Friday.

Backgrounds of supplier-Zoff’s still unclear

the exact background of the dispute lie further in the dark. From the perspective of IT and Car Trim the difficult situation is a consequence of time and on groundless termination of contracts by VW. Volkswagen had granted any compensation for it. Therefore “to Car Trim and ES Automobilguss saw ultimately forced to stop delivery”, it says in the statement. Nevertheless, one is interested in an agreement: “We are still targeting an amicable solution with VW and are open to proposals.” A VW spokesman said, you try to continue to bring about an amicable agreement

In the video. So strong increase in consumption after the diesel-update of VW

dn / cwe / with material from dpa and AFP

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