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Volkswagen – VW sets in supplier-strike negotiations Poker – Sü

  • The suppliers Car Trim and ES cast want Volkswagen pays 58 million euros for an ended cooperation.
  • VW says the claims as part “dubious” and “immoral”.
  • in the absence of components – it is all about gear parts – is the production in six VW plants shut
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claims, counterclaims, accusations: the emissaries of Volkswagen and the group Prevent, the unsuccessful negotiated in Wolfsburg on Friday were little squeamish. It went hard to the point. This weekend is rest, in spite of the precarious situation for both sides. Monday we continue, but a solution is not yet in sight.

The carmaker VW tried to stop the delivery of two strike Prevent companies through negotiations. The delivery stop for seat covers and especially in transmission parts eventually led to the production of the Golf had to be stopped at the main plant in Wolfsburg and Zwickau. The Golf is still the most important VW model. The by the self-inflicted exhaust affair anyway crippled Group total more than 20 000 employees must send in forced leave in six plants (Emden, Kassel, Braunschweig, Salzgitter and Wolfsburg and Zwickau).

If the trader no longer spurt

Normally, the power relations are clear. But just everything is different. From Max Hägler and Klaus Ott more …

VW could, from a purely legal, turn bailiff to seize the missing for the production of seat covers Car Trim and transmission components of ES automotive castings and to create in the own works. The two suppliers are located in Saxony and include, partly interposed companies, the internationally ramified corporate group Prevent. This is effectively a neighbor of VW in Wolfsburg.

VW will pay 58 million euros

So it was for some parties short distances to the negotiating table, on which on Friday representatives of Volkswagen , Prevent and their two subsidiaries were composed. According to data from negotiation circles it was nevertheless moving forward more. But not so far that it would be worth it from the perspective of VW, the weekend continued to talk to each other. On the opposite side, however, is geargwöhnt, the standstill in some plants the group is not so wrong. Because VW because of exhaust affair anyway fewer vehicles sell as well as hoped. In Volkswagen circles this presentation will be rejected

According to data from negotiating circles of disputed following points:. The Prevent Companies Car Trim and ES casting require 58 million euros from VW, because the company had completed a development cooperation unilaterally. In addition, VW should waive claims for damages because of the delivery stops and the consequent loss of production. There are also more details.

The VW board will decide early next week on the basis of the then present discussion results, how to deal with Prevent according to data from consolidated districts. Whether negotiations continue, or whether – will legally proceed with full force – as announced. By the Group against the two Prevent companies and their managers requested administrative fine or alternatively administrative detention and tried the much-needed seat covers and transmission parts seize and to bring to the works

VW. Receivables partly “dubious” and “immoral”

So far there is little evidence of an agreement. “We are for the crisis at VW and thus created short-time working is not responsible,” Alexander Gerstung had, explains CEO of ES cast on Friday. The crisis in which the Group is homemade. “VW shifted their own problems on the supply industry.”

From the boardrooms of VW strongly opposed. Some suggestion of Prevent are “dubious”, some even “immoral”. Volkswagen do everything possible to resolve the dispute and the strike on the “compromise settlement”. On excessive demands they would not go.

The dispute, so much at least is certain, was canceled by VW and Porsche development cooperation with Car Trim from the Saxon Plauen. Car Trim then made failures and damage amounting to EUR 55 million claims. 30 million at VW, 25 million euros in the VW subsidiary Porsche. Meanwhile, the demand will amount to a total of 58 million euros. But the VW Group rejects a payment from, because this sum will “not plausible” reasons.

In particular, the gear parts are missing

Car Trim took a part of the demands on the Prevent- sister company ES casting off so that they can also make claims against VW claims now. At VW think you know why ES cast was thus brought into play: Because of transmission parts Herstelle from Saxony Schönheide would otherwise have had no formal reason for a delivery stop at VW and thus could not exert any pressure. That Volkswagen production must cease partially, as estimated from the Group circles mainly to the lack of transmission parts of ES Cast and less to the lack of seat covers by Car Trim.

The Prevent Group holds against. “VW is forcing us to take this action,” had ES-chief Gerstung declared on Friday. We must protect their employees. The car company had development cooperation “without notice and without reason” denounced and rejected a compensation. Car Trim and ES cast were forced to halt in supplies to defend their interests. Volkswagen use in this conflict “its dominant market position in relation to the supply industry clear out”.

The pitch at VW does not sound friendly. Nevertheless, on Monday to be further negotiated

<. strong> production of VW Golf set temporarily

Due to contractual disputes sends a trader no seat covers and transmission components more. VW has to stop his bands. It threatens losses in the millions. more …


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